Friday, 6 July 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

What makes a house a home?
Of course it's the person/people you share it with.
It's the laughter, the love.
It's also the little things, wouldn't you agree?
The memories you create, the things you buy and are given to fill and decorate your home, and the stories behind the little things.
Here is a selection of my favourite things.

Pink tiger lilies. One of my fav flowers. My mum has always surrounded our family home with fresh flowers. And I remember thinking, many moons ago, that I would do the same when I was lucky enough to have my own home. And so I have, I do.

A cream rose, with silver glitter. It's not every girl who can say she has glitter on her rose. Lovely boyfriend bought me these flowers as it's my brothers 21st anniversary today. I've mentioned him again. Mark encourages me to talk about him, understands my grief and my reluctance to sometimes talk about him. I feel I've come on leaps and bounds since I met Mark, with facing the demons and awful memories from July 6th 1991. And this rose is a respectful reminder of my dear brother Lee, and how caring Mark is.

The vintage cake tin. One of the first things I bought from the delightful gift shop a few steps away from our polka dot home. Because I can bake now! And this is the tin to carry my cup cakes in.

The pretty cake stand. My friends in the office thoughtfully bought this for me on my last birthday. Hopefully they appreciate the cakes I've baked for them, and they knew I would love this to display my baking in the home! At present it has no cakes, the wedding dress countdown has begun.

The teddy family. See how they are posing for you! They've been on quite a journey with me, and I reckon they love keeping guard on the wicker basket in our bedroom, realising I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. They were presents from my mum and my god mum. Two special people.

And a mother is a precious gift. A Christmas present from my fab mum.

The vintage dinner set I bought one lunch time not long ago. I popped out to buy shampoo and excitedly came back, arms aching, with my charity shop find. It's served many a family Sunday lunch, and here's to many more.

The grandma recipe book my mum bought me. I adore this book and the idyllic photographs. Notice the strawberry cheese cake easy peasy recipe, I shall be sampling this for the first time for family lunch on Sunday.

I love old fashioned tins. The first tin caught my eye during a weekend trip to a charming Suffolk village, Lavenham, with Mark and my parents. ( Incidentally, it was Mark and I's first weekend away.) It was spotted in an antique shop just around the corner to the cottage we were holidaying in. The next two tins are from Lille, an extravagant birthday day out with my friend Claire.

I purchased this on the day I chose our lace themed wedding invitations, at a craft centre with my mum and dad. It's now displayed in our bathroom. I wanted to do something to mark the occasion. Happy days indeed!

The retro radio. I'm a big fan of retro stuff. And when I look at this I smile. Lovely boyfriend used it for the first time on the day of his stag do. He sipped a beer in the bath, whilst listening to music and nervously wondering what his friends had decided to dress him as. It's tradition amongst his friends apparently. And for the record - he was the only gay in the village! (Character from popular British comedy!) Only 2 weeks until my hen do, expect more pictures, dear readers!

I hope you've liked stepping into a glimpse of my world, our home.
So, do tell, what are your favourite things?

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Amel said...

Ohhhh...this is a very lovely post and I LOVE reading the stories behind your fave things. I'm inspired to think of a post like this to write, but it's gonna be a bit hard 'coz I left so many things back in Indo when I moved to Finland he he...

Anyway, your wedding day is coming closerrr and closerrrr...I'm (again) SO VERY HAPPY to see how happy you've been and how caring Mark has been. :-))) Can't wait to read more stories and see more photos...I'm DYING to see your wedding gown btw ha ha ha ha ha...

Eryl said...

I love old tins, too, and that dinner service is the stuff of my dreams. Happy days, indeed.

The World According To Me said...

You can guarantee there will be pics of the big day and my gown, Amel! six weeks to go, yikes!

Glad you liked reading the post, maybe you could still do a tour of your home and your favourite parts?

The World According To Me said...

Stuff of dreams, I like that Eryl.

marsha maung said...

It's so nice! I love all the vintage pictures!!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Marsha, I popped over to yours and liking your photos and words.