Sunday, 20 May 2012

The local way

The polka dot home is literally a few steps away from the local high street. It's a tree lined high street with grand buildings and an interesting mix of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.
Here's our home, in the middle, on the top floor.

I love strolling around the local shops, browsing in the book shop and the boutiques.

This is my favourite gift shop. Most of my birthday and Christmas presents are purchased here. And many items in the polka dot home.

Another good shop. Have you noticed the union jack flags on both gift shops? The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching, and the Olympics are coming to London, therefore many shop keepers are displaying patrinism.

Houses sit amongst the shops, I love these character houses.

You can't beat a cake shop and a sweet shop. Scrumptious!

Here's where I buy my sunflowers and tulips. Yesterday I treated myself to a herb garden.

The deli, locally sourced products are purchased here.

One of the bars I've been known to enjoy a glass of wine in. Such a grand building, don't you think?

And you can indulge in tea and cakes during the day.

Always pleasant inside the arcade, with unusual shops to amuse yourself.

The beauty shop which is my chosen place for hen and wedding preparation.

The church at the end of the high street.

Beautiful, don't you think? I always admire the architecture of church buildings.

The church garden is over grown and rather whimsical.

The pathway by the church leading to the village green.

It's a pretty place where kids play ball games and adults picnic and read books.

I adore these cottage style homes, wish we had the money to live here, if the owners moved out, and if we could say good bye to our polka dot home!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Don't go breaking my heart

Following an enjoyable and constructive day collecting wedding invitations, visiting wedding venue to discuss chair ribbons and to view the new bridal suite, I collapsed, content, on brown leather sofa to watch Britain's Got Talent.
After the theme tune to one of my fav current telly programmes, and feeling safe and cosy in our polka dot home, I glanced around at our dwellings and I couldn't help noticing another comforting theme.
And I couldn't resist recording pictures for future memories, and hopefully for your appreciation, dear readers.
Have you spotted the theme too?