Saturday, 7 April 2012

I heart Easter...

nearly as much as Christmas.

Baking and decorating Easter cakes.

Easter bunny for my god daughter.

Spending time with my nephew.

And a four day break.

Of course we mustn't forget the real reason behind Easter, it's not all about chocolate!


Nick Phillips said...

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones :D

Amel said...

Happy Easter to you. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all the pics! :-D The last one melted my heart, the two first pics made me wanna grab 'em from the screen ha ha...

Unfortunately it's not a 4-day off for me 'coz I had work in between, but at least the store's closed today and tomorrow (other supermarkets are open, though), so I've got two days off in a row. :-D

And you're quite right about remembering the real reason behind Easter. :-D