Saturday, 21 April 2012

The 7 deadly lessons

Apparently, no matter how petite or humongous, useful or useless, we are supposed to learn something new each day.
That's what I’ve always been told anyway, and it’s something I’ve often heard quoted and agreed upon.
So I was thinking about this leaning lark the other day, and questioning how true it could be. I scratched my head, made suitable concentrating face, rummaged around in that brain of mine, and below I’ve outlined my rubies of wisdom from the past seven days.
Admittedly, they are not exactly on par with Albert Einstein’s theory of relatively or Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, but it was a kind of fun process all the same.

Day 1
Whilst sitting at my desk in the office, flicking through one of the magazines I am responsible for, I learnt the entire internet weighs as much as a strawberry.
This mentioned magazine, Flipside, is aimed at secondary children with an interest in science and technology. It’s my personal favourite mag because it’s full of World Wide Weird True Stories And Other Such Interesting Stuff. There’s also Yuck! Gross Out Of The Month which has myself and colleagues squealing and comparing disgusting facts and pictures.
But it was the strawberry announcement which caught my attention on this particular day. Intrigued? Allow little old me to explain. You Tube science show Vsauce discovered that eBook readers such as Kindle actually gain weight from electrons when you add books. Therefore, it was then worked out by clever calculation; the entire internet weighs about 50g, which is about the size of a large strawberry.

Day 2
We are rather concerned with blood pressure in the red and white polka dot home, and my parent’s abode.
There was a scary incident the week before Day 2. My poor mum suffered a small stroke and was rushed to hospital. Thank the Lord there was no permanent damage, but as a result of this her blood pressure was sky high and she was hospitalised over night to monitor her pressure every two hours.
Lovely boyfriend’s father also suffers from high blood pressure and has a home device to read and record. As a matter of interest, lovely boyfriend measured his levels on this device, and it was unfortunately higher than normal. So you can see why the sudden interest in blood pressure has occurred.
And what exactly is higher than average blood pressure I enquired?
Here's where Google is a handy tool. I learnt more than 90 over 60 and less than 120 over 80 is ideal and healthy. The top number is your systolic blood pressure, meaning the highest pressure when your heart beats and pushes blood around your body. The bottom number is your diastolic blood pressure, meaning the lowest pressure when your heart relaxes between beats.
I've also googled ways to keep your blood pressure down - this mainly being less salt, less alcohol, more exercise, and a healthy diet. And less stress!
To be frank, I would say lovely boyfriend follows all these rules, but we’re doing what we can to keep an eye on it with this new knowledge, and encouraging my mother to also familiarise herself with these facts.

Day 3
Titus Andronicus are two words I must confess to not being sure of until day 3.
Now I know their full potential and the tragedy which lies behind these words.
William Shakespeare is believed to have been written this story between 1588 and 1593. In April 2012 my dear friend and her amateur dramatic society portrayed this story at a local theatre, and her parents and myself had front row seats.
It emulates the violent and bloody revenge of Titus Andronicus and his contemporaries and is set in the latter days of the Roman Empire.
There was an awful lot of fake blood and my friend was superb. I must also confess to feeling rather disturbed watching her husband murdered, and the rape she suffered before her hands were cut off and her tongue cut out.
It's not a play for the faint hearted.

Day 4
Stylist is free magazine published by ShortList Media and circulated in London, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham, as well as French Connection stores and airport lounges.
I love working on my magazines, especially Flipside, but if I could pick a magazine to ideally work in the production department for, it would be Stylist.
It's full to the brim of current affairs, thought provoking articles and quirky fashion. I’m particularly partial to Elsewhere, A World News Briefing In One Compact Page. During my train journey to the office on Day 4 I sat down and delved inside the pages of this publication and this article.
Did you know waiting on tables is the most energetic profession? It’s official. An Australian study found that hospitality staff take double the daily recommended number of steps in any working day. 22,778 steps to be precise. Compared to call centres who take a mere 6,618 steps per day, and office workers just a few paces behind.
I love facts like this. No idea why as they do not exactly change my world. But perhaps they have made me more aware of the lazy day I face in my office.
And since reading this article I have made a conscious effort to take the stairs, not the lift, and offer more than my fair share of, "Who wants a drink?" from the office beverages machine.
Besides, more exercise is beneficial to normal blood pressure. Incidentally, thank goodness, my blood pressure is considered normal.
But let’s not get too complacent hey.

Day 5
Pinot Grigio and super glue do not, under any circumstance whatsoever, mix.
After cooking a green Thai curry on Friday night, for boyfriend and I, and after sipping Pinot Grigio, I decided to super glue the broken photo frames, my hands, the carpet, the flat, my life.
I wish I hadn’t been so eager now. I’m still trying to remove it from the bedroom carpet. Why do things always seem such a good idea after wine?

Day 6
My friend Claire is always on time and I should allow myself more time.
"I'll be in about seven, come over about half seven.” I announced. I repeated these words hoping she would be a little late and I would be able to hover the carpets, scrub the bathroom, display appetising nibbles on the oak table, light scented candles and jam jars, and be relaxed and ready for her arrival.
Righto! I was still flustered, scrubbing, and had nibbles to display and candles to light when she rang to confirm she was outside.
I have promised myself I will allow myself more time for future liaisons and I will be realistic with her reliable time keeping.
Still, we had a blast.

Day 7
And on the seventh day he rested.
I am a great believer in this too. I have learnt at the grand old age of 38, it is wise not to arrange anything after a late night with friend.
Is this one cheating? For it’s a lesson I learnt a little while ago, but it’s one still vital and should be practised every day after a late night.
For I was thankful that after a busy Saturday visiting parents and friends, shopping, cleaning and socialising, boyfriend and I had arranged not to baby sit or visit relations.
We spent a splendid day together, reading the newspapers, watching films, eating fruit (nutrition is required after retiring to bed after unsociable hour, another lesson, dear readers!), and generally feeling content with each other and our Sunday.

Okay, I'm pondering, dear constant reader, spill the beans, what exactly did you learn today?


Nick Phillips said...

Hope your mom is on the road to recovery by now :D

pilgrimchick said...

My mother went through something similiar, although a stroke wasn't involved in her case. I hope your mother is OK.

I learned that a role of sticky tape is more effective picking up cat hair on rugs than a hand vacuum. Go figure.

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Nick. Was a horrid day but she's been lucky. Hope you're good.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Pilgrimchick. I hope she's okay your mum? Thanks for the well wishes.
Arr, sticky tape is rather handy for cat hair then? I shall bear that in mind!

Amel said...

I hope your Mom's getting better and her health stays steady. :-)))

What do I learn today? That sometimes unsaid words are the best thing ever. :-D