Thursday, 29 March 2012

Swinging from a branch of the family tree

So it’s true what they say. Eventually, finally, whether we like it or not, we often turn into replicas of our mothers.
Have you ever noticed this, dear readers? Perhaps the male species amongst us have found themselves turning into their fathers?
And perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised if this is the case. Because let’s face it, mothers and fathers are the ones who are responsible for us. They brought us into this world, nurtured us, taught us right from wrong, and then let us loose to fight our own battles and make our own destinies. And let’s not forget those genes.
So is it any wonder we often turn into mini versions of our parents? Oh we might fight it, we might mutter, “My goodness I’m getting just like my mum.” Or we could complain, “That’s the sort of thing my dad would say!”
Personally speaking, I don’t really mind if I’m resembling my mother. Not merely in the looks department, again it’s in those genes, but personality wise. I would even go as far as to say, I would find this a massive compliment, to be compared to my mother. For she is my inspiration. As far as I’m concerned, never has a kinder, less selfish, braver woman walked this earth. Okay I’m biased, but I have first-hand knowledge of her caring nature, thus I’m allowed to sing her praises.
Hopefully people find me kind and unselfish too, but it’s also the other things about her which I find myself relating too.
I’ve noticed how easily distracted my mum is. One minute she will be making me a banana sandwich, then before she’s finished buttering the bread she will want to read me an article in a magazine, next she will decide to look for something she’s remembered she’s kept in a safe place to show me. But before she’s found this item, or finished reading this article, she will hold a conversation with my dad about something in the garden, and I’ll be left staring at the unfinished sandwich, thinking how hungry I am and that I should have made it myself in the first place.
This does actually follow a similar theme regarding my own concentration levels. I drive myself nuts. I can be in the middle of a task and then I’ll realise something else is far more important, or interesting, so I’ll interrupt. And there I am, with unfinished business or banana sandwiches, and annoyed at myself for being distracted again.
But it’s not only this concentration thing, it’s another matter I have noticed recently - health issues.
My mum has always been a firm believer in alternative medicine, as well as the prescribed sort, as long as she’s read about it and understands it fully. I often think she’s a walking medical encyclopedia. She’s always the person I turn to when I need advice about certain vitamins, diets, skin problems, etc. Unfortunately she has a few health concerns of her own, so she is the voice of reason and experience.
A few of these health issues have been passed on to me. What did I say about those genes? But no need to worry yourself too much with this, dear readers, it’s nothing too serious I am referring to.
I’m on a mission, you see. As well as battling with a little skin condition I suffer from, I am embracing a healthy lifestyle. Health has become a massive priority in my life. Maybe it's an age thing? I'm not getting any younger and I need to look after this body, it's the only one I've got and it can't be traded in for a younger, fitter version. I’ve never considered myself to be unhealthy, but like most people I imagine, there was room for improvement.
So I’m consuming B vitamins to actively release energy, zinc tablets to provide essential minerals for my skin, and ant-biotics supplied from my doctor to also help my skin and which are kind to my sensitive stomach. Plus I’m popping folic acid pills to prevent any complications should I be lucky enough to conceive one day. And I’m using multi-active gel created by five of the world’s leading plastic surgeons to smooth, calm, repair, firm, renew and protect my skin. Phew, I too could be a walking medical encyclopedia. Not to mention all the super foods I am buying and the 5 a day (fruit or veg) diet I am quoting and lecturing boyfriend with.
To compliment my healthy diet and beauty regime, I am exercising daily on the cross trainer. It feels great to be able to run up the stairs at the station again and not panic because my breathing has become shallow and my legs are trembling with the strain.
I’ve knocked my wine consumption on the head, I never drink during the week now and it’s an occasional one or two at the weekend to relax and unwind. I would cut it out completely but alas I find it hard to relax sometimes, which doesn’t help my stomach problem, and as my doc recently told me, stress is one of the worst things you can do to your body. So I’m trying to de-stress and allowing myself the odd glass of vino to unwind with at the weekend.
I would take up yoga if I had the time, or maybe I should find the time? But it’s a full time life change this health business, and as you now know, I am easily distracted. I’m sure if I were to take up yoga in the home, whilst I was praying to the moon (or whatever they call it) I would spy an idol cob web in the corner and decide to spring clean the flat, or I’d hit my leg on the oven (it’s a small, open-planned flat) and choose to instead bake some cakes for a friend because I’ve realised this would actually be more entertaining than stretching and deep breathing.
And as a result of this fitness bug I’ve lost a stone in weight, which I’m very pleased about. Unfortunately the pounds had slowly crept on again and thanks to my health kick I’ve lost the extra pounds and my skin, stomach and overall well-being have definitely benefited.
My mother keeps a pill box to remind her when and which pill should be taken. Underneath my bed I have a box containing my health products and pills. It’s a big box and there are many remedies. And I guess you could say it’s there as yet another constant reminder that I am in fact turning into, or have already turned into, my dear, lovely mother.
So it’s true what they say. Eventually, finally, whether we like it or not, we often turn into replicas of our mothers.
And for the record, I am happily swinging from the branch of my family tree.


ChicagoWing said...

I agree that we turn into our parents. Both of my parents were very big on saving and being resourceful and not at all into lavish, luxurious spending. The critique I would sometimes make in my younger more foolish days are now made by my kids. "Dad? Why can't we get this? Dad why you have to be so tight with money?" Oh well, there's worse things a Dad can do, right?...

Amel said...

Hey, YOU GO GIRL for having been able to keep up with the exercise and health regime. :-D And losing all the kilos! BRAVOOOOO!!! I also should try to at least keep up with my exercise regime 'coz I'm not getting any younger myself he he...

Personality-wise I'm more like my Dad, but what my parents have taught me over the years have made me who I am, so I won't wonder if some people tell me that I resemble them in some ways. :-D

Kate said...

Hi! I am so sorry that I haven't been on to visit in a while. I missed your transformation to a new format! Congratulations on your healthy new lifestyle.

The World According To Me said...

Definitely worse things a Dad can do, ChicagoWing! I think it's good to teach the value of money and not be foolish with your spending. I'm certainly a lot wiser with my money now, and wish I had been many years ago!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel.
Yep, they certainly mould us our parents. And I think it's nice their traits will always live on.

The World According To Me said...

Cheers Kate. Although I've just gobbled an Easter egg! But hey, it's bank hol weekend and I haven't had chocolate for ages! A little bit won't hurt, will it?! I'll burn it off on the cross trainer tomorrow.