Saturday, 15 October 2011

Our Cornish holiday - St Ives

St Ives is a picturesque coast line town, surrounded by stunning Cornish scenes. I recently spent a week in this charming location, in a beach style holiday cottage, with lovely boyfriend and his lovely family.
For your viewing, and my reminiscing, I have decided to upload our holiday pictures over a period of posts.
It was a photographer's haven, picture post card at every corner. Stay tuned for a variety of pictures from our Cornish holiday, and it all began in St Ives.

First post - St Ives.

Our holiday cottage.

Situated near Tee Total Street. Ironically, that's Mark sitting on the wall underneath the street name.

The kitchen. Only sat in once, on our last night, for the biggest Chinese take away in the world. We were too busy eating to take picture of the food, this is the before take away photograph.

One of the three bedrooms, the largest and one of the nicest.

The lounge. Many a night spent in here, relaxing after a hard day's shopping and exploring, drinking wine, reading magazines, watching television, and playing scramble.

The trail to lovely boyfriend's sadly departed mother's memorial bench, the holiday cottage was carefully chosen with the bench in mind.

Sitting on the bench.

On route to the beach, a stone's throw away from our cottage.

Deck chairs on the beach.


Pimms o'clock.

Admiring the beach.

Rock climbing.

On the rocks.

Anyone fancy an ice-cream?

Sky is looking moody now, time to head back to the holiday cottage.


Amel said...

Memorial bench is a good idea. Never heard anything like that in Indo. LOVE the pics, Nikki. The cottage looks cosy. :-D THANKS for taking me to St. Ives he he...

The World According To Me said...

You're welcome Amel. Glad you enjoyed the trip, just been talking to lovely boyfriend about how much I appreciate your comments and continual viewing. Over to your blog soon. Hope all is good with you.