Thursday, 21 April 2011

The press pass and the big hole

I am beginning to think I am a tad accident prone/careless/daft/unfortunate, feel free to choose which one you think best describes my personality.
I have been heavily involved with finding a new printer and mailing house, for the six magazines I am responsible for in my working environment. It would be true to report, I have been rather absorbed and a little obsessed with my recent work load. In my defence, it has been quite a task and a load of pressure, therefore in this case, absorbing and obsessing were permitted. Although I think it’s only fair to inform you, I enjoyed the challenge.
For the past six months I have telephoned, written letters to, and visited new printing factories. I have compared structures and costings and compiled useful spreadsheets. I have arranged internal meetings with colleagues and head’s of departments, and after all this hard work and procedures and evaluations, a new printer and mailing house have been awarded the six magazines I am responsible for.
Here’s where the responsible bit finishes and Nikki’s latest dilemma begins.
But first, let me describe my press pass and visit to Cornwall.
Chief designer and I arranged to press pass the first magazine the new printer would be printing. I know that I am definitely in the middle of the correct career path, because I was a teeny bit excited about this prospect, and more than satisfied with the chosen printer (they print Vogue, amongst other respected and perhaps difficult to please clients).
We reached the executive decision that a four and a half hour train journey was not sensible against a one hour and ten minute flight. We flew. Kind of felt like a mini holiday too. Yeah, kind of. Overnight bag packed, lap top with vital documents to accompany me, we set off.
So far so good.
The flight was officially the quickest flight I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We arrived at our destination, grabbed a local taxi and checked into our hotel. The hotel was fairly basic but when the company are fitting the bill I do not want to take the pee. We had a pleasant meal, paid for courtesy of the company, and went to bed a reasonable hour for our imperative day ahead, press passing.
The next day began with a greasy English breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. Then lots of hand shaking at the printers and the grand tour of the factory. It still impresses me when I see the vast and expensive machinery (ten million pounds for their latest investment) and all the effort required to print one magazine.
“Goodness, after I design the magazine and send it to you, there are still fifteen hours of plate making and ink changing, and UV varnishing,” the chief designer send in awe.
We saw our front cover and first section in the midst of printing, we colour checked and signed off proofs. Oh the important things I surrender too!
It was a success, the feed back from the office regarding print quality and attention to colour has been well received.
If only I had not lost my keys.
If only I had realised a hole had developed in my bag.
I returned home from my trip, happy, tired, and content.
Until I discovered my two door keys and car key were missing, not to mention my Wham! key ring and my elephant from Thailand. I am sorry to say, I did not realise that a gaping hole had developed in the side compartment of my over night bag.
I have called the hotel, Newquay airport and London Gatwick airport. No joy. No keys. The house keys have been easy and cheap enough to replace. Unfortunately the car key, and the special locking/security function, is not so easy and cheap to replace. Boyfriend has given me another one of his looks. I know, I know, I feel his pain, and it’s worse when you know you have no one else to blame but yourself.
And the unknown and unexpected hole.
So that’s one camera and three keys lost as a result of my printer's visits.
I give up.
However, I must end on a high note, a very, very, exceedingly high note - the insurance company have finally coughed up and in my sight I have…a new Canon EOS camera.
Crikey, I have missed being the owner of a camera.
Dear readers, guess what I shall be doing this weekend?
Expect pictures very soon.


Amel said...

Oh my...Nikki, I'm SO sorry to hear about the gaping hole and the losses. :-((( But I'm SO happy to hear you get your camera again. HAVE FUN taking pics!!!!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. Can not wait to get cracking, just got to buy a memory card and camera case now to protect my precious new camera! Hope you have a fab weekend.

Kate said...

I have a Cannon EOS and LOVE it!

The World According To Me said...

Three cheers for Canon, Kate! The best cameras, in my humble opinion!