Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another Royal wedding

"Can you remember watching Lady Di and Prince Charles's Wedding?" I asked my work colleague.
"I wasn't even born then," said my work colleague.
I laughed.
I sighed.
I must remember how old I am these days. I am no longer considered to be the youngster in the office.
There was a time, when I worked at my first London based publishing house, when I was continually called the youngster and continually bribed with chocolate.
"Oy youngster," the sales manager would cry, "if you go to the shops I'll buy you a Kit Kat." Being too young and greedy to say no, I would often traipse to the shops to purchase my free Kit Kat, and for food supplies for the sales manager and the rest of the office.
If anyone was to say that to me now, I would point out that I am not a youngster and I am far too busy and important to do shop runs. In other words, buzz off and do it yourself you lazy so and so! I'm allowed to say that now I am a curvy, cynical, 37 year old and no longer a skinny, naive, 20 year old. (Although I am not sure how I remained skinny with all those Kit Kats I used to eat.)
But back to the point. And the 1981 Royal Wedding.
"Was the dress really awful then, or was it the awful 80's fashion?" work colleague asked.
"Hmm," I pondered. "The 80's was the decade that fashion forgot, but I don't remember thinking it was terrible. I do remember my mother commenting for all the money the wedding cost, and for all the money the Royal family had access to, she could have chosen a dress where the fabric didn't crease."
Yes, Lady Diana Spencer, soon to be the Princess of Wales, wore a very, very long dress and when she stepped away from her carriage, it was very, very creased. That's what I remember from this 1981 Royal wedding, the most important day of one particular young ladies life.
And to celebrate this wedding my local neighbourhood held a street party. There is a photograph of myself in the family photo album, running excitedly in a blue and white ruffled dress (remember, it was the 80's and blue and white ruffled dresses were all the rage!). It was a good day. There were games, and red, white and blue flags, and cake, and a strong sense of patriotism. Traffic was not allowed to enter the small side street. And it seemed Great Britain was obsessed with the Royal Family and collecting the memorabilia coins and mugs, with the happy faces and names of the happy couple.
They were happy days. Until everyone realised, Diana especially, that her husband was in love with someone else and there were 3 people in their marriage. Even unhappier days were ahead when she tragically lost her life in a car crash in Paris, after being chased and hounded by the paparazzi.
My mother once remarked that people will always remember where they were when they heard Elvis Presley was dead. Incidentally I am not that old (ha, ha), I don't remember hearing Elvis was dead, but there is another picture of me in the family photo album, smiling, and wearing a white hat, and sitting in a caravan site on this fateful day. So that's where I was when it was announced the King of Rock 'n' Roll had died on the toilet.
I do, however (and this is said to be another poingant time in history), recall exactly where I was when I heard Princess Diana was dead. I was in bed, it had been a late night the night before, talking rubbish and drinking wine at a friend's house (I know, this could be any night!). I turned on the television set next to my bed and heard the words, "Diana's body will be flown back from Paris."
I then ran down the stairs screaming,"Princess Di has been killed!"
I'm sure on her wedding day she couldn't possibly have imagined how her life, and what once seemed a fairy tale, would end. Who could have predicted that?
I sincerely wish and hope her son's marriage to be be far happier and successful. And longer.
Her son, the future King of England, has proposed to his girlfriend of nine years. Naturally comparisons have been made with regards to his parent's marriage and this forthcoming occasion. Particularly as Kate, the future Queen of England, is wearing the late Princess Diana's Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring.
Of course life and marriage do not come with guarantees, but it does seem they are happier and more comfortable with each other. And perhaps, in my opinion, far better suited to each other and without the presence of a third party to interrupt, confuse and shatter two people's commitment to each other.
So Royal Wedding fever is sweeping the nation once again.
The newspapers and the television are full of constant wedding speculation and predictions. What will her dress be like? Which V.I.P's will be invited?
And, perhaps more importantly to certain individuals, will it be a public holiday?
The answer to the last question is yes, an official public holiday has been confirmed.
"Brilliant, we get a day off!" I have heard from various reactions.
Congratulation William and Kate.
And thank you for the bank holiday.
I'm looking forward to it already.
I think it's going to another good day.


Mary Smith said...

Very exciting! I bet there's even more hype about it where you are! The last story was so sad. I remember I was camping on a rafting trip when I heard the news. Hope it's a happy ending this time!

Nick Phillips said...

Good God, I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding on telly vividly, does that mean I'm old too? LOL!

The World According To Me said...

I hope it's a happy ending too, Mary. So you remember where you were as well? Sounds more interesting than watching television in bed!

The World According To Me said...

Nick, I wouldn't call it old, but maybe not the youngest who is bribed with chocolate?!

Amel said...

I don't remember where I was when I heard about Diana's death, but it was sure a HUGE shock. I also wish William and Kate a far better future life together. :-))) And yeah, I also can't wait to see the wedding gown. I LOVE looking at wedding gowns, though I'm not someone who loves wearing gowns HA HA HA HA HA...

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

Here's to happy weddings and beautiful wedding gowns!

jy said...

Hi from someone LONG ago... how you've been? Yep... just saying that I remember watching the wedding from ACROSS the Atlantic at some weird hour... darn those time differences!