Sunday, 23 May 2010

Conversations over lunch - everyone’s talking about it.

“I wonder if he left any milk in the fridge?”
“Do you think he had to run the hoover around the house before he left? Maybe he was embarrassed about the state of the place?”
“Do you think his wife and himself will sleep in his old bed? Do you think that’s a bit weird?”
“Maybe he ordered a new bed from the Argos catalogue, and his wife choose new fancy bed linen? Let's face it, I'm sure they can afford a new bed.”
“I wonder how big the house is? I’d love to have a nose around, check out the rooms and the décor.”
“What if they prefer their old house? It’s not like they have any choice about their new residence.”
“I wouldn’t mind living there! Think how central it would be to all the shops, bars and restaurants.”
“And everyone would know your address, you could stumble in a cab and declare: ‘Take me home!’”

Number 10 Downing Street has a new family.
Britain has a new Prime Minister.
Labour has been kicked out after thirteen years and we have the youngest Prime Minister in nearly two hundred years; Conservative leader, Nick Cameron. Not forgetting the new Deputy Prime Minister; Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg.
The British public couldn't quite decide if we wanted Conservatives or Liberal Democrats to run the country. So with permission from Her Majesty The Queen we have both. Despite Nick Cameron mocking that his favourite political joke was Nick Clegg. Words he has lived to regret.
Let's hope they can play nicely together and get down to the job in hand they have promised us - to fix broken Britain.
Yes, everyone's talking about it. Even little old me has been eating, breathing and living politics.
Especially over lunch.


Amel said...

Yeah, I also hope that they can work together well and do their job well.

Kate said...

Yes, I laughed when the press put Cameron on the spot about his poke at Clegg. He goes, "Well, yes, I did say that but..No! No! Don't go!" At least the guy has a sense of humor. (I think Nick Clegg is hot, BTW)

Nick Phillips said...

I just wish we could get some new people here to run this country. The ones we have now are just a bunch of morons.

I hope they work well together for the people :D

pilgrimchick said...

I really applaud how the government in the UK is making an attempt at a multi-party government. I think seeing that here in the states will be the equivalent of seeing a pig with wings.

The World According To Me said...

Me too Amel. They need to see the bigger picture and turn this country around!
Hope you're good.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Kate.
It was funny when he was reminded of his poke! The looks on both of their faces was a picture!
I agree, Nick Clegg is not bad at all. He certainly is more pleasing to the eye than Gordon Brown!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Nick, here's hoping hey.
And here's hoping for less like morons for you!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Pilgrimchick

Yep, I agree, we have to appreciate they actually seem to be listening to the voters and what is important to us, and working together to get us back on track.

Hmmm, flying pigs are not that common, are they?!