Thursday, 11 June 2009

Come Dine With Me

I do not have a lot of spare time to watch television these days, crikey I do not have a lot of spare time full stop. Spare time is definitely an exotic luxury. But the one programme I do like to indulge in, when I have the time, is a show called Come Dine With Me.
The concept is this – four evenings, four strangers, four houses, four meals, four marks out of ten, one winner.
A little while back my friend and I were discussing our mutual appreciation for this particular programme, and we decided to entertain ourselves with our own interpretation of Come Dine With Me - two evenings, two friends, one house, two meals, two marks out of fifty, one winner.
So, dear readers, with photography assistance, Come Dine With Us!

The first evening began at my friends house, and Italian was the theme. Italian music drifted through the speakers, Italian colours dressed the dining room and the dining table, and Italian scents wafted from the kitchen.

Italian colours.

In true CDWM style I grabbed the camcorder and browsed around my friends house, throwing random comments into the air regarding clothes, books, and rubber ducks.
After my filming, and amusing myself, I nibbled on the canapes and read the menu, suitably impressed with how the night had began.


My first course arrived, scallops, cooked to perfection, with runny egg yolk oozing over the dish. We toasted to the starter, and to our evening ahead. The wine complimented the food and our moods deliciously.

The starter.

After a little rest between the starter and the main course, where family trees and other such topics were discussed, the main course was brought to the table. Succulent chicken breast with melted mozzarella, on a bed of rocket salad and vibrant cherry tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Another knock out! A lady could become accustomed to this fine dining, with friend cooking!

The main.

And last but certainly not least, the dessert sparkled away. Gooey and gorgeous hot chocolate sauce filled the moist chocolate pudding, with refreshing strawberry ice-cream. It was the ideal finish to the scrumptious meal.

The dessert.

Without giving the game away, I recorded my verdict on the hosting, the food, and the presentation, whilst the chef hovered in the kitchen. The marking is a secret, it will be revealed after Come Dine With Me evening two. It will be my turn to cook (at my friends house, as I am not in possession of my own kitchen) and I already know my theme and the food which will be incorporated into my theme. I bet you can’t guess what it is! Don't worry, all shall be exposed in a couple of weeks, dear readers.
See how much fun this Come Dine With Me can be? Maybe you should try it with your friends. It's a good excuse to meet, and enjoy cooking and eating yummy food. As far as I'm concerned, that's a great recipe for a great night.
Until the next one...

PS I've been in Ibiza folks, hence the gap between posts. I hope you're all well and I shall be over to your blogs asap. Expect pictures of Ibiza very soon. Oh I'm such a tease.


Nick Phillips said...

I love watching that show too :D

The food looks good. I'm sure yours will turn out just great :D I'm rooting for you :D

Blur Ting said...

You sure know how to have fun! That looks like such a fun evening! Good food too!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah what a splendid evening. The food looked great - oh especially the dessert, yummy!

Looking forward to your next CDWM post :)

The World According To Me said...

Hello Nick

I like your taste in television programmes!

I'll let you know how mine goes. Thanks for the roots!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Blur

It was a good, fun evening. With good food.

The World According To Me said...

Hello The Real Mother Hen

It was a great way to spend an evening. Evening 2 to come!

Eryl Shields said...

Brilliant idea. My guess is that your theme will be cheese!

Look forward to seeing those Ibiza pictures, hope you had a marvellous time.

The World According To Me said...

Hello Eryl

All I can say is, you'll have to wait and see. He, he!

Hope you like the Ibiza pictures. I didn't take as many as I hoped. Believe it or not I actually slept loads! I've been so darn tired recently. I definitely chilled on this holiday.

Mary Smith said...

Looks like a great trip!!! I was laughing about how you said "expensive" this, "expensive" that... in your photo captions. Things can add up, can't they? Glad you had so much fun!!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Mary Smith

It was a great trip thanks. Oh have I mentioned it was expensive?!

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