Monday, 15 December 2008

The fairy who has a dream

The fairy is proudly perched on top of the tree. She is smiling, pleased to be out of the pine chest and guarding the Christmas tree once again.
She looks down from her resting place and approves of the brightly coloured decorations. The checked star shaped garland, the ornate stockings and the delicately painted toy soldiers. She greets them like old friends, happy to be re-united with the familiar looking pieces of material.
Arr, what’s this, she has spied something new. It’s an angel. A pretty angel with golden hair and golden wings. She wonders if the angel is enjoying her new home, but she can’t help feeling relived and grateful that this angel has not replaced her. The fairy is glad that she still has the prime position, the top of the Christmas tree.
She looks at the presents beneath her. Red and gold colours gleaming, with bows and ribbons elaborately placed around the shiny wrapping paper. How lucky these people in the house are. Mystery parcels to gleefully open on Christmas Day, with carols playing in the background and the aroma of turkey wafting through from the kitchen.
The celebrations are always exciting to watch. She loves to hear the laughter and the chatter, and gaze at the contented faces.
The fairy is sad that the festive season does not last longer. She wishes it could be Christmas all year long. Or she never had to return to the pine chest again, so she could witness birthdays and summer months, things she has heard the family speak of, but she has never seen them with her own twinkling eyes.
Maybe she could try and ‘accidentally’ fall from the top of the tree? Perhaps she could then hide in the cupboard under the stairs, the one with all the tins of soup, and she could play with the teddy bears at night time, when the family are safely tucked up in bed. Hmmm. The fairy likes the sound of this. She has heard about all the teddy bears in the house, she has seen them briefly when she has been lifted from the pine chest. One of the teddies guards the pink chair in the lounge, and wears reading glasses and a long white, flowing dress. She thinks it would be nice to get to know her and ask her how life is on the pink chair.
She hopes that one day she can run around on the carpet and explore the house. What fun she would have. The fairy winks at the new angel, she imagines the angel would like to join her on her adventure.
For now she is just the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. The faithful fairy who watches over the house every December.
But she has plans and ideas of her own.
Because even fairies are allowed to dream.

The fairy who has a dream.

The Christmas tree.

The presents.


Nick Phillips said...

I thought that was a wonderful post :D I hoe that fairy fulfills all her dreams ...

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Nick. Glad you liked it.
I hope the fairy fulfills her dreams too!

Blur Ting said...

Ah, a whimsical post! Nice fairy and tree. Even your presents are so stylish!

Krystle said...

That tree and the fairy are so nice! :) The tree is very nicely decorated :)And that gift is packaged in such a lovely way! I love it!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Bur

Even fairies can dream!
I think I might stop wrapping presents in my sleep, I've wrapped so many!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Krystle

Glad you like our tree. It has been lovingly decorated!