Monday, 4 August 2008

The invisible happy dust

The more weddings I attend, the more I am convinced my theory is correct. My theory is this - someone is sprinkling invisible happy dust over the guests. I haven't worked out who this someone is yet. Maybe it's an invisible guest? Or perhaps the best man or bridesmaid are responsible for the purchasing of the dust? While suit and dress fittings are carried out, the happy powder is purchased. Although I have been a bridesmaid three times and not purchased any myself. Could it be that while I was breathing in and looking away, another bridesmaid took it upon herself to collect this miracle powder?
For you have to admit, there is something about a wedding. It doesn't matter how awful your day / week / year has been, or how cynical you are towards two people exchanging vows to stay together forever, you can't help beaming at the bride and groom, and perhaps even wiping a little tear from your eye. As the day / evening progresses you find yourself merrily chatting away to random strangers, exchanging life stories. All shyness and grumpiness have been discarded with the champagne corks.
And when that music starts, despite having two left feet and the rhythm of an elephant sprayed with itching powder, you find yourself throwing all sorts of strange shapes to the sounds of Abba and Wham! and screaming the words at the top of your voice. Even if you're singing the wrong words and you're completely out of tune, it doesn't matter because the stranger next to you is doing the same. And you are allowed to do this, as you are at a wedding and the invisible happy dust has now covered the dance floor.
I suppose the free drink helps ones inhibitions and contributes to these feelings.
Saturday evening I had my fair share of happy dust. I continually beamed at the groom and the groom (yep, it was a same sex ceremony) in their matching kilts. I spoke to people I had never met before as if we'd known each other for years, telling them far too much information about myself and vice versa. I spun around on the dance floor until I felt giddy and sick, and very nearly fell over (my friend did). And the next day my throat was feeling very sore and sorry for itself due to all that singing / screaming and exchanging life stories.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and by the looks on the other guests faces, they too were having the time of their life.
We waved the happy couple off on their tractor at the end of the night. They were off to the woods to spend the night in a tent. How romantic!
My friend and I zig-zagged across a field back to her house, completely oblivious of the fact we were going the wrong way at one point, and that it was quite dangerous for two girls to be walking across a field in the pitch dark. My friend fell over again, I very nearly fell over again, and we got scratched and bitten all over the place. Plus the sheep scared the living daylights out of us. "I'm sure that sheep sounded human," I remember saying in a slightly nervous voice. But it was fine, as the invisible happy dust had yet to wear off.

Pictures of the day:

The home-made memory box and card.

The cake made of cheese. Delicious. I had a huge slice of this one.

The wedding cake.

Me posing.

Off on their tractor.


Bitter Chocolate said...

I wanna go to a wedding! The only one I attended was my uncle's wedding which occurred when I was 5... though going to a wedding might make me frustrated at the moment. I admire people who feel ready to commit for the rest of their lifes and have someone who's willing to do the same though

Amel's Realm said...

Ohhhhhhh in Indo I've never seen any dancing during any wedding parties he he he...It's just not our custom! Plus no alcohol ha ha ha...

Sounds like a GREAT party and you're quite a handicraft! I LOVE your gift for the grooms! ;-D

And GLAD to hear you didn't falllllllll!!! Btw, you look GORGEOUS as usual. ;-D

Blur Ting said...

Oh, what a fabulous night! You look radiant! The cheese cake is something new (to me)!

Weddings (of good friends) do that to me too. Just seeing a happy couple getting married makes me happy :-)

faith said...

Whilst up late i finally got to grips with this centuarys tech via my mob and found your blog(only taken me a year). Despite being educational, entertaining and thought provoking i also found it novel to catch up on how your weekend went before our normal chats! After some thought i agree and have wittnessed the dust thingy at weddings. However im concerned one of the grooms may have had a sprinkle too far, because in one of his pics he appears to be flashing his bits. Although im am looking at this via my mob tiny screen so on reflection could actually be the purse thingy they wear on kilts whats it called a sprogan? While im on the subject what on earth where the scots thinking wondering around there ruggard cold landscapes in a short skirt? Theres a history buster for you? By the way your box turned out a treat, oh er! This is hard to text im off, love your dear friend who accompanied you to Hampton Court. ps dont stop writting your really rather good! Pps there is no spell check on my mob soz! X

The World According To Me said...

Hello Bitter Chocolate

I think you're due a wedding invitation!

It's a very big commitment. One I made once but due to many factors it didn't last. Unfortunately nothing comes with a guarantee. But it's certainly made me think twice about any kind of commitment and what the word 'forever' actually means....

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

It does seem your wedding traditions differ from ours.

It was a great party thanks. The happy couple looked ecstatic and I was honoured to be invited.

Glad you liked my gift. It looks simple but it took me ages to make! I literally made the box itself, lined the inside with quirky paper, and collected and glued all the material.

I must admit, it has been known for me to fall over a fair few times due to my clumsiness! Luckily I stopped myself twice on Saturday night. This time it was my friends turn!

Don't know about looking gorgeous, but I was pleased with my new bargain dress!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Blur

It was a fab night, I can vouch for that!
And the cheese cake was the best. Actually, I don't recall seeing a wedding cheese cake before. I've seen cakes made of chocolate buns but not cheese.

The happy couple are such a loving pair. I think seeing two people so affectionate and caring towards each other could warm the coldest heart!

The World According To Me said...

Hey Faith. You have found me again! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. But crikey you were up late last night.

If my memory serves me well (which you know it doesn't always!) we have experienced this dust thingy together at numerous weddings. Can't beat it can you!

I sincerely hope all he flashed was his sporran. (Otherwise known as the hairy purse!)

And seeing as you asked:

As early as the twelfth century Highland warriors were described as being "bare-legged, with shaggy cloaks and a scrip [small bag] …” Such dress was, at that time, confined to the Highlands, as Scottish Lowlanders considered such apparel as barbarous, referring with contempt to their Highland kinsmen as “redshanks”!

Kilts of that time were very basic garments that required no tailoring and comprised a single piece of tartan cloth some two yards in width by four or six yards in length. This was commonly referred to as the Breacan, the Feileadh Bhreacain and the Feileadh Mor – or as the English called it The Big Kilt. It fell down to the knees and was secured over the left shoulder with a broach or pin and a tight belt gathered it all around the waist.

Such dress was ideally suited to the climate and terrain of the Highlands. It allowed freedom of movement, the tightly woven woollen cloth was warm and waterproof, unwrapped it could provide a voluminous cloak against the weather or a comfortable overnight blanket, it dried out quickly and with much less discomfort than trousers. But unlike trousers, the kilt could not provide pockets and so the sporran was born out of necessity. A survival of the medieval purse, the sporran was the Highlander's pocket they didn’t have.

Bye for now. My history dude. xx

shello said...

i love weddings :) my friend is planning a Vegas wedding in December - can't wait!

Amel's Realm said...

HEYYYYYYYYY, you DO look gorgeous, trust me, even if I cover up the dress with my hand! ;-D

The World According To Me said...

Hi Shello

How are you?

Wow, Las Vegas wedding sounds like fun to me! I expect there will be loads of invisible happy dust over there!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel!

Eryl Shields said...

Oh I do love a wedding, all that dressing up and cake and dancing. Not to mention the free champagne!

You're gift to the happy couple looks fab. And I'm rather taken with the cheese cake.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Eryl

Dressing up, cake, dancing and free champagne is a winning formula!

The cake of cheese was the best cake anyone could offer me!

Thanks for the gift comment. I enjoyed making it, I may even make other boxes in the future.

Sheilalu said...

I forgot to tell you, your photos here are very lovely. I love looking at them.

The World According To Me said...

Why thanks Sheilalu

I've enjoyed looking at your photographs too.