Monday, 21 July 2008

Slice of life

Today's post is a slice of life from last Friday.

Time to stop snoozing and get out of bed! It's always 6.15 in my bedroom, as I haven't bothered to change the batteries in my clock.
But I can rely on my mobile phone alarm to rudely remind me what the correct time is.

After visiting the bathroom I need my breakfast. My mothers kitchen is the ideal place for a cup of tea. There are six teapots and seven milk jugs to choose from.

Walking to the station. I'm always gazing into neighbours gardens and admiring their flowers.

After three train journeys and one newspaper I finally arrive at my destination.

A busy morning in the office means I'm hungry! Soup with pasta and vegetables should fill me up.

After a busy afternoon in the office, my journey back commences. Bye, bye London. See you again in three days!

Friday night means a couple of drinks with a friend. And walking home via the park.
Do you think this swing will hold my weight?!

The ultimate thrill seeker - that's me!

Phew. That's enough excitement for one day. Time to go home. Good night.


Blur Ting said...

Those are lovely pictures and you look great! I love your shiny hair and pointy shoes (I can never wear them!). It's nice to follow you to work and back :-)

jyankee said...

Yep...I also like these "slices of life" posts... nice to follow you to work and back and to have what you're eating for breakfast!

Hazel said...

ur kitchen is neat and pretty, i like it

Bitter Chocolate said...

I love the playground pics, I always swing at playgrounds whenever I stumble over one :)

The absenece of batteries can be the only possible explanation of the fact the alarm clock is still intact - I'd throw it out of the window :D (that's why I use my cell phone for waking up too - I might actually regret it if I were to destroy it:))

Krystle said...

I really enjoy reading 'picture stories' from your life :) You always have great pics!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Blur! I can only wear the pointy shoes for a certain amount of time, and then the high heels make my feet ache!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Glad you didn't mind following me to work and back! I've always enjoyed looking at other peoples slices of life so I thought I'd have a bash at it myself.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Hazel

Thanks for the kitchen compliment, although it's my mothers purchases so I can't really take the credit for it.
Hope you are well.

The World According To Me said...

Hi bitter chocolate

I must admit, it was good fun having a go on the swings! Never too old and all that!

Yep, how easy it would be to chuck and annoying alarm clock out the window! Probably best I use my mobile for an alarm!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Krystle

Why thanks for saying so. I'm always snapping away, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Amel's Realm said...

LOVELY!!! THANKS for taking me into your day. I esp. love the homey feeling I get when I saw your Mom's kitchen. Mmmm...splendid!

Btw, this morning I forgot to set my alarm, but gladly hubby woke me up HI HI HI HI HI...

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

Nice of you to join me on my day!
My mothers kitchen is very homely and when ever we have family over everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen!

Glad your hubby woke you up! Otherwise you could still be sleeping now?!