Monday, 14 July 2008

Meet the family

Each time I attend a family birthday tea, I can't help noticing, that as a family, we are increasing in size. My dear cousin Sarah has been adding to the numbers with her adorable children, my little cousins are not so little and now have partners. Other families, due to the partners, have been joining us, and now it seems all pets are welcome too.
It was my aunts birthday tea at the weekend, and two dogs and a cat joined the equation. A Bull Mastiff, a black cat and an eleven stone St Bernard were all there to wish my aunt a happy birthday. Animals and humans took over my aunts lounge, kitchen, garden and the shed. The dogs were placed in the shed after we'd said hello to them, as an eleven stone St Bernard is quite intimidating for a four year old, a two year old and an eight month old baby. Not to mention the fact they could be very easily squashed if the dog became too excitable.
"Is he a dog or a donkey?" was my mothers reaction to Joe, the rather large St Bernard. "And how much food does he get through? He must cost a fortune." My ever practical mum.
And talking of food, my aunts birthday spread was delicious. Pates, cheeses, sausages, salads, potatoes, sea food, it was all there for us to point at, nibble on, compliment and help ourselves to more of. Next came the desserts. Always a very popular part of the evening. Raspberries, strawberries, meringues, chocolate cheesecake, toffee pie, and a birthday cake in the shape of a caterpillar, smothered in chocolate and smarties. "For the kids benefit," my aunt insisted. But let's face it, a family birthday tea wouldn't be the same without a birthday cake. Especially one smothered in chocolate and smarties.

Picture of the day:

Meet the two newest additions to the family.


Eryl Shields said...

As far as I'm concerned a birthday without cake is no birthday at all.

jyankee said...

how cute! love the new members!!!

Blur Ting said...

Oh, the dogs are so cute! I love St Bernards but we can't keep them here. It's too hot!

Krystle said...

How cute :) Oh and all that yummy food..the birthday tea was complete for sure with all that delicious food! :) It's nice to meet and catch up with the family on such occassions :)

Nick Phillips said...

Tell me about it. Each time I attend a family gathering, the group just gets bigger and bigger.

And the birthday spread sounds real yummy :D

The World According To Me said...

Hi Eryl

I totally agree with you! Especially chocolate cake!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Blur

The two new family members are very cute! And Joe weighs more than me, believe it or not!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Glad you like the new family members!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Krystle

The food was yummy. I could eat it all again right now! You can't beat a family birthday tea!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Nick

So you have an ever increasing family too? But if it means the birthday spread grows as well, I'm not complaining!

Leigh Russell said...

We've just had our annual summer BBQ. We've been doing this for years as my husband & one daughter have birthdays in July 4 days apart. The same daughter's boyfriend has now got in on the act with a birthday one day before hers... They had to share a cake!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Leigh

I've always fancied having a birthday in the summer months. Instead of the cold dark days of October!
Sounds like fun, an annual BBQ. Even if you do have to share your birthday cake!