Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It's a small world. But I wouldn't want to paint it.

It’s changes and savings galore in the office. Our summer issue of our main telecoms title will be on-line only, no printing or mailing costs eating into the budget. This makes perfect economical sense, as advertising has always been thin on the ground in this issue. The circulation for our September magazine is being reduced as I type, the powers above have been scrutinising the data. And the extremely tall publisher has left the company. We now have an ‘acting publisher’ until further notice.
All in all, our printers thought it was necessary to take the production department (me, and my not-so-new boss) and the acting publisher out for lunch. I wasn’t complaining. It’s always nice to be taken out for lunch.
A restaurant in short walking distance was chosen, and lasagna with butternut squash was ordered. Polite conversation flowed, new technology discussed, and then we discovered that the sales rep at the printing company and the acting publisher in the office attended the same college and share mutual friends.
“Well I never. It’s a small world,” was said many times.
I’ve often thought how small this large world can be. There are millions of people walking around, and yet one day you will find someone who has a connection with your past or your past friends, or you can bump into the strangest people in the most bizarre circumstances.
I once went to Majorca and bumped into a girl who lived down my road. I turned around in an aeroplane once and saw an acquaintance from my local pub. And I went to a George Michael concert with my cousin, and a girl my cousin went to school with was sitting two rows behind us. I’m sure I could think of many other examples, I expect you could too, probably far better than my examples. But the point I’m making is how small this wonderful world can be.
However, I wouldn’t want to paint it, would you? That would take far too long.

Have you got any 'it's a small world' coincidences that you care to share?

Picture of the day:

Look over there, does that duck look familiar to you?


jyankee said...

yep it is all a small world.... for example blur knows of my company because she attended an exhibition or mtg or something of the sister company of our company! it REALLY IS SMALL!

Bitter Chocolate said...

This sort of accidents only happen when you least expect them though. But you're right, the world is small and it's becoming smaller every day. During my stay in France three years ago, I randomly bumped into a girl from Hong Kong who I had first met two years before that.... The funny thing is people believe it's even smaller than it really is - technology is making it smaller, but the distaances keep being just the same (trust me, I spend 14 hours on a train every other week throughout the most of the year:))

The World According To Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Wow, that is a coincidence! How funny!

The World According To Me said...

Hi bitter chocolate

Welcome to Flying Pink Elephants. I will come over to your place next.

14 hours on a train? I'll stop moaning about my train journeys every day!
But that is funny, randomly bumping into the girl in another country.

You're right though, technology is making this world an even smaller place. A tap on my keyboard and I can be in Japan, Singapore or New York! Not bad hey...

Amel's Realm said...

Well, I met Trinity online 'coz of blogging, even though when I still lived in Bandung, we had been living in the same city all our lives. In fact, she was my senior in High School and university, but since she is 5 years my senior, we never met in High School or uni...but still it's funny hi hi hi hi hi...

The world is made even smaller because of the internet HE HE...

I'm probably going to meet Trinity the first time in October when I go back home ho ho ho...

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

You went to the same high school as Trinity? Another it's a small world coincidence! I like hearing these stories.

And so nice that you are talking about meeting each other in 'real' life!

spangleystar said...

I wonder how many coincidences you've missed without your specs on :o) xxx

The World According To Me said...

Hi Spangleystar

Hope you're all chilled out and enjoying ones self.

I have probably missed a million and one coincidences when I have been spectacle and lense free!