Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What's for dinner?

Warning - this post could seriously make you hungry.
I love food shopping days. Just when the contents of the cupboards and fridge are looking rather bare and sorry for themselves, and snacks are stretching the wildest of imaginations, along comes food shopping day.
I can’t say I’m a fan of huge supermarkets though. I’m talking about the HUGE supermarkets where you could loose yourself for a day amongst signs saying ‘buy one, get one free!’ Huge supermarkets where my mother could spend a whole day in one aisle alone, pointing at everything and picking everything up to inspect. No offence mum, but you do like to take your time.
Personally, I prefer to do shopping on a smaller scale. When I lived in my flat, I would whiz around the local supermarket (large enough to cater for my needs but not large enough to spend a two week holiday in the cheese section) with my shopping list in hand, planning meals and snacks for the week ahead, and often tutting at the price of cleaning products. See, I used to think to myself, this is how you shop at speed and eat at leisure.
These days (back at my parents house) it’s often my father who buys the weekly shop, on a Saturday, whilst I’m at the gym and my mother is busy with other chores. I think he finds it cheaper to shop in the absence of our presence, otherwise we’d be pointing at all sorts of unnecessary bargains (my mother would be doing most of the pointing) and the till receipt would be very long indeed.
Sometimes, like yesterday for instance, my parents will go to a near by shopping centre and ‘pop’ into Marks and Spencers on the way home. My mother will use the word ‘pop’ but I know from past experience that she finds it very difficult to just ‘pop’ into shops. Which is why I have virtually nil hope of hurrying her along in those huge supermarkets. They must be avoided, if possible, especially if one is hungry and the sight of all that food is making ones mouth water and ones stomach sound like a bubbling, erupting volcano.
So yesterday, after a busy day in the office, I patiently waited for my mother to finish ‘popping’ around M&S. It was worth the wait.
Carrier bag after carrier bag was brought in from the car, and I set to work unpacking and admiring.
“Mmm, crumpets!” I said excitedly. “And French fancies!” I'd found the carrier bag which was stacked full of bright colours and high fat contents.
“Strawberries and grapes, lovely,” I said, as I found the healthy option bag. Pink and yellow cakes are all very well, but we need our vitamins too.
“What’s for dinner?” I then asked, the hunger pangs had grown rapidly after packing away the food.
“It’s your favourite pasta dish,” was my mothers response. How lucky was I? This confirmed my love of food shopping days, as I set the table and hovered around the frying pan.
Here’s my dinner below. It’s a no frills pasta dish, consisting of beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese. And it’s delicious. Yellow, pink and brown cakes were our dessert.

What have you got for dinner tonight?

Pictures of the day:

My fav pasta dish.

French fancies.


La delirante said...

You have definitely made me hungry! :) I don't know what I wil prepare tonight for dinner...plus hubby won't eat at home tonight...I will have a quick look at my recipe books :)

I love to go to the supermarket. My father used to go to do the weekly shop and he wouldn't like me to go because I would buy too many things :) but I loved to go.

Amel's Realm said...

I'm in no mood for pasta, but the cakes look SO YUMMY he he he...The pasta would, too, if only I were craving for them he he...but I just had some macaroni yesterday he he...

When it comes to shopping in a huge supermarket or a small one...it depends on how much time I have. When I'm in a hurry, better be in a small supermarket where I can find everything I need and where there're less people in the line he he he...

But sometimes I love browsing for things in a HUGE supermarket...things I may not be able to find elsewhere he he he...

Leigh Russell said...

Yup, I'm hungry. Gotta go and raid the cupboard...

Krystle said...

mmm that pasta dish and those cakes surely look yummy :)

Here at home, I don't like to spend much time in supermarkets, and I don't do the shopping myself, but when I'm in the UK, when I go to a supermarket I end up spending considerable time there, especially if there are good bargains..I always end up buying more than planned, especially with the Buy 1 Get 1 Free and similar bargains :)

JYankee said...

Thanks for the warning there! Though did it stop me from reading your post and looking at your delish pics??? Nooo.... thanks....!LOL...yes I prefer the small mom & pop shops as they used to call them...the BIG stores you just get lost and tired cuz you can't find ANYTHING!

Blur Ting said...

Oh, I love your mum already.Look at those nice things she has bought!

Your dad sounds like mine. My father goes to the market every saturday and return home with his car boot full of foodstuff that's good enough to last all week.

I'm so gonna miss all these when I move out!

The World According To Me said...

Hello La Delirante

I hope I didn't make you too hungry!

Shopping when you're hungry can very expensive!

Hope you had something nice for your dinner. A new recipe perhaps?

The World According To Me said...

Hello Amel

How are you?

The cakes were yummy!

Oh I love macaroni.

I agree, those small supermarkets are better when you're in a hurry, or hungry!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Leigh

Did you find anything nice in the cupboards?

Be over to your place next...

The World According To Me said...

Hello Krystle

Bargains are great! Apart from when you buy something because it's a bargain and then realise that you didn't really want it or need it!

See you soon.

The World According To Me said...

Hello Jyankee

I thought I'd warn you!

I totally agree with you, the huge supermarkets are very tiring!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Blur

My mum certainly knows how to keep me happy! Bless her.

I can imagine you will miss all that (I know I'm going to one day!) but remember there are plenty of other things for you to look forward to.