Monday, 2 June 2008

The unnecessarily large bar, the ten minute night club and drunken antics on the circle line

I have just been in the middle of an office discussion, regarding the tube party mayhem at the weekend. As from the 1st June 2008, the new London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has banned the consumption of alcohol on London transport.
This ban has caused outrage for some people, and via various ‘face book’ website groups, a ‘circle line party’ was organised for last Saturday night. The last Saturday night it was legal to booze on the London Underground. Alcohol, fancy dress and high spirits in confined spaces. Surprise, surprise it spiralled out of control.
Apparently thousands swamped the circle line, drunken mobs fought with tube staff and police, and train carriages were vandalised. Six underground stations had to be closed, several trains were taken out of service and 17 arrests were made. It makes you proud to be British!
Exactly what point did these idiotic people manage to make?!
Partying on the underground was the last thing on my mind Saturday night. I was far too busy staying in and watching the final of ‘Britain's Got Talent’. (Hmm, if I’d been riding the circle line perhaps I would have been watching ‘Britain's Got Drunk'.) I was also too tired to set foot outside the house, due to the night before.
The night before, my friend Laura and I went out for pizza. Pizza topped with mushrooms, cheese, tomato, and Italian herbs. And washed down with a bottle of Italian wine. Lovely. Lovely to see my friend Laura too. Although during our meal, we couldn’t help noticing the bar by our table was unnecessarily large.
After pizza and wine we headed to a night club. I can not for the life of me remember the last time I barged through the doors of a night club! Guess how long we stayed there? We stayed for the grand total of ten minutes. Enough time to buy a drink, shout at each other above the music, and feel too old for comfort. We decided to hail a cab to my friends house, where we could talk and drink in peace.
Who needs night clubs and drunken tube parties? Not me thanks. Give me pizza, wine, good company, and a kitchen table, and I’m happy.

I hope your weekend was a happy affair, dear readers.

Pictures of the day:

Has my friend shrunk or has the bar grown?

Friends! My hair doesn't look any different in this picture, but believe me it's blonder, shorter and neater.


Blur Ting said...

I LOOVEE your hair! Very nice colour and style. So nice :-)

La delirante said...

I also love your hair :) I had read about the new mayor...sounds interesting this new measure re tubes and alcohol.

I am getting hooked to "Britain's got talent" though I only see it on Youtube. I called the cable company the other day but they told me that they don't show it here :(

The World According To Me said...

Why thank you Blur, nice of you to say so.

The World According To Me said...

Thanks La Delirante.

Last night I was riding the tube home and I noticed someone drinking a can of beer. I felt like saying, "What planet are you on? You must know that's illegal now!"
Nice to know people take notice of new laws!

That's a shame you can't see the talent show on cable. There has definitely been some high and lows! Unfortunately it's over for another year, it was good Saturday night viewing!

JYankee said...

you look great...your hair is a great "britney" pics eh???

Krystle said...

Great hairstyle :)
I need to go to the hairdresser some time next week as well. I have to make an appointment some time soon as I really need a haircut!

I am a big fan of Britain's got Talent as well :)

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Jyankee!

No Brittney Spears pics!

The World According To Me said...

Hello and thanks Krystle

How are your exams going? Haircut for you soon perhaps?

Arr, so you've been watching Britain's Got Talent too! Have you seen the dancing dog? He's great!
Apparently that Simon Cowell wants to create a worldwide talent show - The World's Got Talent. Should be interesting!

Krystle said...

Finally tomorrow I have my last exam :)

Yes that dog is absolutely brilliant! Didn't know about the possibility of creating The World's Got Talent..that would be interesting to take it on an even larger scale!

The World According To Me said...

Good luck with your exam Krystle!