Thursday, 5 June 2008

The peacock is back

“Sorry I’m late, but there were delays and disruptions on the trains, due to the discovery of an unexploded Second World War bomb.”
I can honestly say I have never said that before. I suppose it makes a change from signal problems. Tonight, I must remember to dash out the office at 5.30pm (shouldn’t be too difficult!) and hurry home before certain train lines are closed for the dismantling of the bomb. Never a dull moment hey!
I want to arrive home pretty sharpish anyway, as a trip to the gym is required before ‘Come Dine With Me’ is shown on the telly. I fear I may be bordering on obsessive behaviour with this television programme, I even watch the repeats at the weekend. Unless, of course, I am gallivanting across Essex.
Last night, I gallivanted to my favourite local public house with one of my favourite friends, Helen. As we roamed along the duck pond, making our way to the bar to order our food and drink, we nearly jumped out of our skins when we heard a very strange and loud squawk. The peacock was back. For those who do not like the feathered variety, please place your hand on the below photograph now!
I’m not sure how long the two pigs have been living with the peacock? We only discovered them last night and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of one of them. Although I must apologise for not photographing his face, but I couldn’t bear to stand there any longer. He smelt terrible! The smell actually made my friend and I feel queasy. And for once in my life, I am not exaggerating.
The stench did not ruin our appetites though, our usual meal and drinks were ordered, and we escaped to the outside tables to move as far away from the karaoke machine as possible. That’s right, karaoke on a Wednesday night in a country-side pub. No, we didn’t think it belonged there either! Nobody volunteered to sing, and we left the karaoke man singing along to himself (again) regarding artificial flowers and other such things.

Pictures of the day:

Do peacocks drink beer?

The smelly pig.


Hazel said...

hi, the smelly pig is really BIG

The World According To Me said...

Hi Hazel

Hope you are well.

He was a big, smelly pig!