Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Not boring, stable

I liked that comment – not boring, stable. That was one of the comments on the ‘gimme five’ meme in the last post. After writing this post I pondered on two of the questions - five places you have lived and five jobs you have had.
I’m 35 years old in October (why do I do that? I always insist on saying how old I will be on my next birthday) and I have lived in the same county and worked in the same profession. Am I dull? I couldn’t help questioning myself.
Whatever happened to running away with the circus and travelling around the world? Or becoming famous and travelling around the world in a private jet, dripping in diamonds and (fake) fur coats? Actually, I have never wanted to run away with the circus or become famous, but can you see where I’m going with this?
When you’re a little girl, or a little boy, or maybe you’re confused about your gender and you’re just little, you can’t help dreaming about growing up and wondering what life has in store for you. For a brief part of my childhood I wanted to be a teacher and live in a castle, how unrealistic I was! After that I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was too busy having fun and growing up.
When I reached senior school and parents and teachers were mentioning the words ‘exams’ and ‘careers’ I knew I had to reconsider my future. My maths was appalling, surely any sensible school would never want me teaching their pupils if I couldn’t do basic arithmetic. And the cost of purchasing and living in a castle would be astronomical.
Work experience was looming and a folder was passed around my form class, with options and suggestions. In this folder I read about theatre design and window dressing. I remember thinking, now there’s two things that would make me get out of bed in the morning (and you know how hard that is, dear readers). So I applied for both vacancies for my work experience, with a third option of working at a kennels. I was not successful with my requests. I was sent to a shoe shop for two weeks.
But theatre design and window dressing stayed in my mind and I wrote to local theatres and department stores regarding apprenticeships. Unfortunately my replies were negative. However, my disappointment did not last long, my mother spotted an advert in a local newspaper for a junior production controller, based at a local magazine publishing house.
Allow me to let you into a tiny secret, one of my favourite things to do when I was a youngster was to create my own magazine. Sometimes with a friend in my bedroom and sometimes for a friend in my bedroom. I loved designing front covers, and inventing problem pages and horoscopes, and cutting out pictures of hunky pop stars and fashion models. I amused myself for hours.
So it was rather apt that the first job vacancy I ever applied for was at a magazine publishers. And I was called in for an interview, which happened to be on the same day as my Maths GCSE (I’d rather keep the grade to myself) and I was offered the job there and then!
The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve never been tempted to change careers (yet), hence my answer to the ‘gimme five’ meme.
These publishing jobs have not brought me fame and fortune, so I haven’t been able to buy my castle. Or any property for that matter. Not with the debts I’ve accumulated and house prices these days.
But if I squint my eyes and lean forward in my chair, I can see a distant light in the future. A distant light which is called September. I finish paying for a substantial loan, from my past life, in September. The next dim light is called June 2009, if I remember correctly. This is when I finish paying for my other loan. Okay, this June 2009 light is very dim at the moment, and even through squinting I am yet to see it, but it’s out there.
There is hope for me yet, to pay past debts off, and branch out and live in my fourth place. A place to call my own. Or a place to call my own with (hopefully one day) my knight in shining armour. If he ever comes along. Sigh. Where are you Mr Knight?
I can’t help day dreaming about this fourth place. In my day dream I am laughing and I’m tall and thin (why not, it’s my day dream) and I have a huge kitchen to cook in and entertain my family and friends. With a log fire and a Lhasa Apso dog. Not forgetting the acres of land with a greenhouse, vegetable and herb garden, and many beautiful and exotic trees, plants and flowers.
Hmm. Okay, I’ll just settle for a flat / house I can afford.
I haven’t decided on the location of this property yet. Essex, surrounded by my family and my Essex friends? Or perhaps it’s time I broadened my horizons.
But please don't call me boring if I decide my fourth place of habitat will be in the same county. Remember (and I've been told this!) I’m not boring. I’m stable.

Picture of the day:

Growing in the garden.


Rebecca said...

Oooo. Like the fuzzy flower :)

Happy to have provided good blog fodder. I almost always look for the positive view. At least where other people are concerned...


Blur Ting said...

You know what, we share the same kind of dreams... tall, slim and entertaining :-)

You'll be alright and happy. You're a positive girl who knows how to have a good time. Your dreams will come true for you very soon.

I can't help but think of you as a teacher in Harry Potter's school. Cos then you get to be a teacher and live in a castle!

Kate said...

I would have never thought you boring. LOL! You are the friend I visit to read what it's like to have a social life. June 2009 is only a year away - your house is waiting.

Nick Phillips said...

Boring? You? No way!

I don't think I've ever been bored since the first day I started visiting your blog :D

The World According To Me said...

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for the inspiring words!

Yep, I always find it easier to be positive when it comes to others!

Glad you like the fuzzy flower.

The World According To Me said...

Hello Blur

I like it, a teacher in Harry Potter's school! I could get up to all kinds of mischief!

Here's to dreams coming true, and being tall, slim and entertaining!

Thanks for your positive words.

The World According To Me said...

Hello Kate

So you don't think I'm boring then? That's good to hear!
I can't wait to meet my new home! One day soonish hey!

The World According To Me said...

Hello Nick

I'm glad to hear my blog keeps you entertained! See ya soon!

helenback said...

FPE, you are certainly not boring and I think that 'stable' is not you either you are way above both. A fantastic friend, a talented writer and a unique person. All your fellow bloggers cant be wrong can they? Your knight will appear and i am sure when you are least expecting it better to wait for the perfect man than to be in a relationship when you are in it for all the wrong reasons. x x x x

The World According To Me said...

Thank you Helenback, what lovely comments you have made. You aint so bad yourself!

I'll let you know when my knight appears. He better be worth the wait! But you're right, I'd rather be on my own than with the wrong one, or just any old one for all the wrong reasons!

Lots of love always, my special friend xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Knights in shining armour ?

Will a cheeky knight with a very shiney shield do for now ?? :)

The World According To Me said...

Hi Anon

You are my shining cheeky Knight!