Friday, 16 May 2008

Flying pink blossom

The blossom has fallen from the trees, the season of spring is fazing out. Patiently waiting around the corner are the long days of summer. Impatiently waiting in my bedroom is my summer wardrobe.
Last night, after watching ‘Come Dine With Me’ on television, I sorted out my summer wardrobe. I love that television programme by the way. For four consecutive nights, four strangers invite their fellow contestants and a camera crew into their homes. The contestants and viewers are allowed a nose around each home, and the host cooks a three course meal, which is marked out of 10 at the end of the evening. After the fourth night, the person with the highest mark receives a cash prize of one thousand pounds. I love looking around the homes, and watching the recipes and seeing how four strangers interact with each other, sometimes with hilarious consequences.
So, after watching this programme last night, I had a spare couple of hours before bed time. I decided it was that time of the year again, when my wardrobe prepares itself for summer. Actually it would be correct to say my two tiny wardrobes prepare themselves for summer.
When I win the lottery and can afford my own property, a walk-in-wardrobe will be one of the top items on my ‘yes please, that will do nicely’ list. Until then, I have two tiny wardrobes which have to be emptied and re filled, depending on the season, and how many clothes I can swap with my drawers and the cupboard on the landing. Last night my white linen trousers, stripy dress, pretty, flimsy tops etc were displayed around my bedroom walls. And my mood for the evening resembled a gigantic, spinning yo-yo - it was up, it was down, it was up again.
One moment I was feeling delighted with the discovery of forgotten clothes for sunny weather, and then I realised that certain items were far too tight for comfort, or even a little loose these days. Some items actually fitted perfectly, and these are the ones which are now waiting impatiently, in my two tiny wardrobes, for the long days of summer.
In the meantime, it’s Friday afternoon in London town and life is good. I’m back at my normal desk, my Mac has been fixed and my files, and photographs, have been retrieved.
Sorry about the negativity in the last post folks, but thanks for your re assuring words. In the last post my mood was flat and grey, now it’s shiny and yellow.
Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you are shiny and yellow too.

Pictures of the day:

Flying pink blossom.


Spangleystar said...

I think I will be orange and shiny today - yellow reminds me of the simpsons and jaundice, neither of which I want to be ;o)

Happy Friday lovely xxx

The World According to Me said...

Oh you are funny Spangleystar, but that's a good point! I was thinking of associating yellow with sunshine, but now you have me thinking of Jaundice and Marg Simpsons annoying voice!

Hmm, what's orange? Erm, an orange?! An orange sweet?! Okay, I'm not doing very well here. Here's to your shiny orange mood anyway!

Friday happiness to you too.

Amel's Realm said...

OHHHHHH I LOVE those pics!!! Unfortunately it's still rather wintry lately here in Lapland.

Don't forget to check out my pic with Santa!!! ;-D

And it IS true that in this 4-season country it's rather difficult to organize your wardrobe since you need different types of clothes for different seasons. In Indo I only had summer clothes he he he he he...

And crossing my fingers so that you'll be able to afford your own walk-in closet!!! :-D Who knows it may just come true someday? ;-D

Blur Ting said...

Oh, it's so freaking hot here, I wish we have milder weather on some days. I'm also living out of 2 wardrobes like you :-)and how I envy those with a huge walk-in wardrobe with a special place for shoes, handbags etc

JYankee said...

yes i would LOVE to have a walk-in closet...not possible here..unless we were filthy rich and had a huge home... ha ha...

Leigh Russell said...

Ah blossom! We have a flowering double cherry outside our window on the stairs. It's an all too brief treat.

seagrape said...

glad to hear your files and photographs are safe.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Amel

I'm going to check your pictures of Santa next! I'm looking forward to seeing them!

I must admit I do appreciate the change of seasons, I just wish I had a walk-in wardrobe to accommodate all the clothes at one time!
But as you say, fingers crossed, you never know what's around the corner!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur

Still freaking hot there?
So you're a two wardrobe lady too! How's the move going? Maybe you could have your walk-in wardrobe in the new home? Be over to you soon...

The World According to Me said...

Hello Jyankee

It seems the walk-in wardrobe is a popular request for us ladies!
See you soon.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Leigh

How are you? How's the book coming along? Will check your blog for updates today.

Flowering double cherry sounds lovely! Even if it's a trifle brief!

The World According to Me said...

Thanks Seagrape. I'm glad to have my photographs back too! Oh yeah, and my work files! But it was the pictures I was sad about loosing. I've got some fantastic pictures from Singapore and my mums 60th birthday on the Orient Express. They are now safely stored on a CD!

Nick Phillips said...

I agree with Blur, it's freaking hot here too. Some milder weather would definitely be much appreciated.

I don't have enough clothes to fit into a single bag let alone a walk in wardrobe ... LOL!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Nick from the freaking hot weather!

Can we have some of your temperature, and you have some of ours? It's not a very hot day in the UK!

Arr, but does your wife have enough clothes to fit in a walk-in-wardrobe?!

Spangleystar said...

Why are we waiting, WH-Y are we waiting, why are we waiting for FPE!!!


The World According to Me said...

I do apologise for the wait Spangleystar! Expect ramblings very, very soon...!


nyumix said...

We had same pink blossom in the neighborhood too. Pity did not have chance to take picture of it.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Nyumix

It is a pity you didn't have the chance to take a pic. But it can disappear too quick!