Friday, 7 March 2008

Mini break

Sometimes your body and your life are crying out for a break from the norm. Some days your daily routine can be happily chucked out of the window. Goodbye routine, hello unpredictable day!
Yesterday was my mini break from the norm. Usually on a Thursday my agenda would look something like this:

6.40am. The sound of doom – my alarm clock.
7.00am. Jump out of bed scalding myself for not getting up earlier.
7.30isham. Leave my house and walk as fast as humanly possible to the train station.
9.00am. Arrive at work after three train rides.
9.05am. Coffee, water, banana and check emails. Check Flying Pink Elephants while no one is looking.
9.10am. Work.
12.00pm. Break for soup or whatever is on the menu. Blog time. If it’s not raining join the outside world.
1.00pm. Work.
5.30pm. Leave work, providing I am not waiting for an advertisement from the U.SA.
7.15pm. Arrive home after three train rides.
7.30pm. Dinner time.
8.00pm – 11.00pm. My time. This can consist of a visit to the gym / a friends house / pub or restaurant with a friend / cinema with a friend / reading / making a birthday card / pampering / television / surfing the net / taking photographs.
11.00pm. Bed time. Unless I am still at the pub.

But remember, yesterday was not a usual Thursday. Therefore my alarm clock was not set and I carried on dreaming about my old dog, Muffin, playing with Daleks from Doctor Who. If I'm not dreaming that animals are trying to eat me, I dream about my dearly departed dog. I'm not looking forward to the day when Muffin thinks I'm his dinner, and he tries to eat me too.
Feeling refreshed I got out of bed well past my normal time, and fluffy scrambled eggs were eaten. What a treat.
Then my mother and I took a stroll to the next county. No staying in Essex on my day off!
We arrived in the next county and headed straight to a charming, picturesque town. A place I have never been to before, but a place my mother is rather fond of. It’s well known as one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the country. It has a rich past and from the 14th and 16th century it flourished as one of the foremost wool and cloth-making centres in England, famed in particular for it’s blue broadcloth.
Quirky buildings, antique shops, art galleries and ye olde curiosity shops were explored. It was a joy to look around. Hand on my heart, and smile on my face, I can say my break from the norm was a success.
And I can practically smell the next weekend. Can you smell it too?

Pictures of the day:

The crooked house.

The Hovis house.

The black and white house.

The street.

The houses through the window.


Krystle said...

how r u ?

A break from everyday routine is very much appreciated once in a while, isn't it? bdw great pics as usual:)

Have a nice weekend!

Spangleystar said...

It looks familiar - Is it Saffron Walden ?
Back in the UK honey flew overnight and am now propping my eyes open with matchsticks and at the last count have been awake for 32 hours - can't wait to go to sleep tonight !

The World According to Me said...

Hello Krystle

It was definitely appreciated.

Hope you are good.

I need to do some blog hopping!

The World According to Me said...

Oh hi Spangley!

Lavenham in Suffolk is the name of the destination. Have you been there?

36 hours?! You need some sleep and your body clock back to normal.

I bet you come alive tomorrow night! We'll have a blast.


seagrape said...

love the crooked house.
maybe next Thursday you'll be dreaming of George (flooding your house) again. ;)

JYankee said...

lovely a break from a normal routine! and on a Thurs too! Back to work one day then it is the WEEKEND! ha ha planned a good one there.... lovely pics...

The World According to Me said...

Hello Seagrape

Apparently a crooked man and a crooked cat live in the crooked house!

I wish I dreamt about George more! Even if he does flood my house again!

Hope you are having a happy weekend.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

I did plan that well! One day in the office, and two days out again!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Blur Ting said...

Oh wow, you lucky girl! We would have to fly across the world to see a view like this! I love quaint little towns like this.

But poor you, your daily commute to work is rather long, and you eat so little everyday! (well, pretty much like my diet...)

Amel's Realm said...

THANKS for taking me out with you. LOVE all the pics. Reminds me of the houses in The Sims game HE HE HE HE...;-D

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur

How are you today?

I must admit I am lucky where I live. I'm a train ride into London (or three trains to the office!) or a short drive from the country side and picturesque villages.

My daily commute drives me mad some days! It's fine if I can actually sit down and there are no delays, but it's not always the case!

As for food, believe me some days I eat loads! But I have to watch my weight and some days I'm very conscious of this!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Amel

Glad you enjoyed the trip! Lovely day out, wasn't it!

Hope you are having a nice day.

nyumix said...

Hi there, I wish you will have a wonderful weekend.

Btw, I like the pictures of the houses. Hope can visit it one day.. (dreaming...! :)

The World According to Me said...

Hello Nyumix

How are you? My weekend was good thanks. How about you?

Glad you like the house pictures. I thought I would share them with blog land.
You never know, one day you may visit?