Thursday, 20 March 2008

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time I met a girl called Claire. We met at Junior school and took an instant shine to each other. I think the fact that we had the same size feet and preferred the other persons choice of foot wear played a large part in this. We used to swap shoes every day, and our friendship blossomed.
The years passed by, senior school came and went, careers began, and our first holiday together (without parents!) was being planned. This was when I learnt that a girl called Laura would be joining us on holiday. Hmmm. I had my doubts, I must admit, seeing as I wouldn't be meeting this Laura until we arrived at the airport. I wasn't convinced about a two week break with someone I had never met before. For all I knew she could have been a mad serial killer, or a purple alien from out of space. Or even worse - an Aled Jones fan. (Sorry, I couldn't resist putting that. I'm only joking, of course.)
As luck would have it, I needn't of worried one tiny bit. Laura and I hit it off immediately. In fact, we spent every day in Tenerife basking in the sunshine and each others company. Which was just as well really as Claire fell in love with a lad we met at Bobbies Bar, and disappeared with him for the remainder of the holiday. Funny how things work out sometimes.
After Tenerife, we returned to the U.K. and Laura and I kept in touch, and Claire and her holiday romance never saw each other again. Claire then fell in love with someone she met at the local pub. And that was the last I saw of her. I was upset at first, but then I realised being in love was obviously more important to her, how could I compete with that? If she didn't value our friendship, or my shoes anymore, then quite frankly she wasn't the person I thought she was.
In the mean time, Laura and I's friendship went from strength to strength. Another holiday together was planned (destination: Ibiza), night clubs were visited, parties were enjoyed, houses were stayed over etc etc. And I am very pleased to say that we are still good friends to this day.
We don't see each other half as much as we used to, but you can't keep going clubbing and hanging around parties and each others houses. I guess you can't stay nineteen forever! Plus she moved out of the area slightly, and every time I visited her I got rather lost. But we keep in touch over email and telephone and see each other as much as possible. Like today, for instance.
Laura has now moved nearer to my parents house (I couldn't contain the excitement in my voice when she told me this, and I practically squealed "I know how to get there!") So, confident that I knew the area and wouldn't be panicking about the directions, I left my house, looking forward to our lunch date. Jacket potato, salad, and lemsip at her kitchen table. Unfortunately the lemsip was for me, as I woke up feeling about 303 years old today.
As always, Claire was mentioned during out lunch date and the maggots catastrophe (believe me, you don't want to know about the maggots), and I admired pictures of her little boy. Yep, Laura is a mum now.
It was lovely to see my friend, shame about my aches and pains, but at least I found her house without calling for a search party. And now she is living closer, I'm hoping that the girl I had severe doubts about meeting will be a regular feature in my diary.

For the record, Claire married an M.P. whose political career and days of freedom came to a sticky end when he set fire to a hotel.

The end. Or is it just the beginning?

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Rebecca said...

Funny how things work out!! Glad you were able to make a new friend in the deal, as the holiday would have been awful for you had Laura not joined.

Love the teddy bears. I have a few of my own left...

JYankee said...

It is weird how things work out... the people whom you thought were friends didnt quite pan out...but the person you were most worried about became one of your longest lasting friends... sounded like a good day! and glad she lives where you can find her!

Blur Ting said...

Interesting friends you have. Yah, sometimes people you meet later in life or in the strangest places can turn out to be the best friends.

La delirante said...

What a sweet post! It is interesting how things work out at the end and how we meet those special friends who will have an important place in our hearts.

I totally understand what you mean re Claire. I have had friends like that before and I suppose I have also been like her sometimes for some friends...things change I guess but for many people a romantic relationship is the only important thing in their lives. It's like some people just forget that no matter what friends, real friends would be there always for you, while as romantic relationships can be so volatile...I liked the way you put it, that if she didn't value your friendship the way you expected from a true friend then she wasn't the person you thought she was. Nicely put.

Have a great week,

Kate said...

No, I absolutely need to hear the maggot story now!

spangleystar said...

Wow so that's how you met 'Other Laura' I've always wondered !!!
How lovely that she is moving closer to you. Although I have to say you totally confused me, seeing as little Laura and you also have a friend called (lincoln) Claire - but as I read the story I knew it couldn't be her !

PS - I'm with Kate - we need the maggot story xxx

The World According to Me said...

Hello Rebecca.

It is a funny how things work out!
Thank goodness Claire did invite her on our holiday, otherwise I would of been sitting on the beach on my own! And lucky for us, we are quite similar people who clicked.

You should get together with my mum - she is a huge teddy bear fan!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Jyankee

Yep, life can be full of surprises.

I'm glad she lives near by now too. It's so nice not to get lost.

Hope you are well.

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur

I do have some interesting friends!

I'm so grateful now that Claire invited her friend along!

Hope you had a nice weekend. Be over to you soon.

The World According to Me said...

Hello La Delirante

How are you?

Glad you liked the post and agreed with it.

As sad as it can be at the time, true friends would never drop you like that over a man! I respect the fact that as we get older our priorities change, but at 19 one shouldn't be treating their friends like that! That's the way I looked at it anyway.

The World According to Me said...

Hello Kate

I was afraid you might say that!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Spangleystar

How are you honey?

Now you know the story of Other Laura! I can imagine it confused you at first though, with little Laura and Lincoln Claire!

Hmm. The maggotts story is gross, if I tell you I may have to kill you after! Or you must swear to secrecy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm at home with the mother of all sore throats....only the maggots can cheer me up !! Magictorch .

spangleystar said...

Kate, Mr F and I all need to hear about the maggots, it's not nice to keep your audience hanging young lady...

The World According to Me said...

Ha, ha, I've just read the last comments! I do apologise!
Let's just say that many years ago, due to two people talking too much, a sun that was roasting in the sky and a dustbin bag that had been in the garden for goodness knows how long, there was an invasion of maggotts that trotted into the house without us seeing. And we were suppose to be house sitting.
It was disgusting.

nyumix said...

HI, how are you doing? Just doing a routine visit here :)

Cute bears, by the way

The World According to Me said...

Hello Nyumix

I'm fine thanks. Must come and visit you.

Hope you are well.

Glad you like the cute bears.