Monday, 21 January 2008

Never whistle with blancmange in your mouth

That was one of the top tips for the weekend. There were others, but I’d say ‘Never whistle with blancmange in your mouth’ was my favourite.
I left my familiar Essex surroundings at the weekend, and headed to Devon. For an unknown reason, our standard train tickets enabled my friend Caron and I to travel in the first class carriage. Comfortable leather chairs, maximum leg space and a table for our trashy celebrity magazines were unexpectedly enjoyed.
Two and a bit hours later we arrived. Unfortunately our mutual Devon friend was feeling below par with her glands and a hot head but we still managed to have a blast.
Her kitchen table was our first stop and the brandy and wine bottle were opened. “You’ll forget about your aches and pains,” was our excuse. Her other friends started trickling into her kitchen, and make-up and 'going out clothes' were piled on.
Next stop was a Mexican restaurant. Sweet potato with mixed vegetables, and chili con carnie with rice and fajitas were my choices for the evening. They tasted fab. A sparkling birthday cake and flaming sambucas topped the night off in the restaurant.
Our final stop for the evening was a lively near by bar, where champagne bottles were purchased. We certainly know how to do things in (expensive) style! Well, it was her birthday!
And then home we went, and sat around the kitchen table again. Actually it would be more accurate to say we danced around the kitchen table, and I went into great detail explaining what I would do if I was George Michael's’ P.A. I’ll blame that part of the evening on the wine.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. We didn’t really get to see much of Devon, but a catch up with our friend was over due and to help her celebrate her birthday was a must.
There’s always next time for the sight seeing!
And don't forget - whistling with blancmange in your mouth is never a good idea.

The first of many.

Spangleystar getting ready.

Devon friend.

I don't know what they put in those kidney beans?!

Sparkling birthday cake.


Where did you get that hat?


Blur Ting said...

oOh, it looks like you ladies had a blast! What fun. I miss those night outs with my girlfriends!

Anonymous said...

well at least the cops werent after you!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur Ting

It was a good old fashioned girls night out!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

There was a time when some friends and I 'accidently' went home, or back to our hotel, in a police car.
But no cops or cop cars this weekend!

Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! Sounds such a NICE time with your friends. LOVE the pics, too!

And you look SO CUTE with that pipo (woolen hat) HE HE HE HE HE...

The World According to Me said...

Hi Amel's realm!

Glad you liked the pics!

I'm not sure why we put the hats on, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Be over to you soon...

Anonymous said...

Oh.. you're so lucky that can have party or meet with your friends. I miss those moments :)

La delirante said...

"and I went into great detail explaining what I would do if I was George Michael's’ P.A. I’ll blame that part of the evening on the wine". Loved that :)

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the mask of your friend. I have just seen a couple in a shop (Carnival here in Malta is just round the corner and I want a nice mask this year) :)

seagrape said...

love the birthday cake. too cute!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Nyumix

I am lucky in that aspect, that I still see most of my friends regularly. But I'm sorry to hear you miss those times. Keep the memories alive though, no one can take your memories away from you.

The World According to Me said...

Hello La Delirante

He, he, it must have been the wines fault! I even went into detail about how I would cook his eggs in the morning!

I agree, great mask. I think they look really effective.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Seagrape

Are you all settled in now?

It was a sparkling, cute birthday cake!

spangleystar said...

I notice you didn't tell the world how we prayed to the wind, the moon and the stars - I'm sure blogland already thinks of you as slightly bonkers - you may as well have told them that !!!

spangleystar said...

PS I also think you need to share the picture of the scary mexican from the ladies toilets...

The World According to Me said...

Greetings Spangleystar

Hmmm. You're right, blogland must realise by now that I am slightly bonkers. So I can confirm - we prayed to the moon, the stars and the wind! Another good idea at the time!

Scary Mexican bloke coming up, when I find him on my camera...


Rebecca said...

ooooh. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time was had by all. um, what is blamonge? Going to have to look that up, but I am sure it is indeed sound advice.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

It was indeed a wonderful time.

You've probably already looked it up, but just for the record -
Blancmange - also known as shape, is a sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with gelatin, cornstarch or irish moss[1], and often flavored with almonds. It is usually set in a mould and served cold. Although traditionally white, blancmanges are frequently given a pink color as well. Some similar desserts are bavarian cream, malabi, flan and haupia. The historical blancmange originated some time in the Middle Ages and usually consisted of chicken, milk or almond milk, rice and sugar and was considered to be an ideal food for the sick.

Whoops, I spelt it wrong. I'll correct it now!