Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Winter Wonderland

It’s not funny any more. I like to think I can poke fun at myself and my sometimes quirky ways. But not this time. This time, I am not laughing and I fail to see the funny side.
I managed to mislay my camera last night, after the Winter Wonderland experience at Hyde Park. My prize possession, my pride and joy, digital camera. So long camera, maybe I’ll see you in the next life. I hope your new owner is looking after you and taking you to weird and wonderful places.
What an absent minded wally I am! Maybe it’s just as well I am childless, as I might forget I had them and leave them on a train one day. Heaven forbid.
Last night, work colleague and friend, and I, travelled to Hyde Park, where bright orange ice skates were placed on our feet. I’m trying to work out the last time I went ice skating, all I can remember is, it was ages ago. At one time I would zoom around the ice rink every Friday night. I loved ice skating. I used to love roller skating too and at one stage in my life I seemed to have skates permanently attached to my feet.
Which was why I was surprised to see how nervous I was last night. Although to be fair, the rink was far too small for the amount of people skating around. And most people looked like they had never seen, let alone worn, a pair of skates in their life.
When I first reached the ice I kept imagining falling over and someone slicing my hand off. That image did not bode well. Then I started getting annoyed with myself. Come on girl, I thought, you know you can do better than this. Slowly and surely I picked up speed and started feeling confident again. I even started enjoying myself.
After our ice skating session, work colleague and friend, and I, headed to the German Market. Here, wooden stalls were decorated with lights and selling hand made toys, rugs, sweets, and other such delights. We admired, drank mulled wine and ate German sausages.
Then we made our way to the fairground attractions and bought tokens for the horses on the merry-go-round. I felt as if we were in a Mary Poppins film. Although the horses did not detach themselves from the merry-go-round and enter us into a race. Shame, that would have been an experience and a half.
Winter Wonderland was a pleasure to visit.
And then I mislayed my camera. Correction, and then I left my camera on the window sill in a pub. I don’t want to talk about that part of the evening, because I could kick myself.

I couldn’t bear the thought of a camera free life, so I purchased a new one today, courtesy of House of Fraser. Unfortunately the pictures from last night were also left on the window sill, so do you know what I did tonight? I returned to the park to recapture the scene. It's only two tube stops away from the office.
So here you are everyone, recaptured photographs from last night. Second time, spanking new camera, lucky!

Pictures of the day:

The merry-go-round.

The helter skelter.

The big wheel.


JYankee said...

oh no... i know that feeling tho... i try to leave the coffee bean..she keeps following me! LOL

The World According to Me said...

Ha, ha! I thought of you yesterday, I walked past a cafe and it was called 'Coffee Bean'. I would have taken a pic but I didn't have my new camera then!

Anonymous said...

the lengths you will go to to keep us readers happy - thanks lovely xxx

The World According to Me said...

Hello anon

Always a pleasure, never a chore. xxx

Blur Ting said...

Hey, you know what? Your new camera takes wonderful night shots! Really.

I'm sorry you had thoughts of falling and slicing someone's hands off...must have come from me and Nick! Only non-skaters like us have silly thoughts like that. Come on, you're a skater girl!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur

I must admit, my new camera does take better night time shots than my last one. In that respect, I am pleased with my new purchase.

I was quite shocked at my lack of confidence and my train of thought on the ice! But I soon got back to normal(ish).

JYankee said...


cool! next time pics please!

seagrape said...

sorry to hear about your camera. i used to skate a lot too maybe i should try it again some time.

Kate said...

Accio Camera! Did it work? I have lost so many things in my life. I have a fantasy that at the end of my life, I'll receive a box and in it will be all the things I lost.

Nick Phillips said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. But you did get a new one and it takes excellent pictures.

I could lose my whole house if it wasn't fastened to the ground, so don't worry, you're not alone ... LOL!

Happy weekend!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Seagrape

Maybe skating for you again soon?
I was looking at your photo album pics the other day. Mind me asking what camera you've got? Obviously you have an eye for great shots, but the quality is amazing.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Kate

Sorry, it hasn't worked yet! Thanks anyway!
Now there's a thought, a box with all my lost items in! I dread to think how big the box would be!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Nick

Let's be grateful that your house is fastened down, or you might find yourself homeless!

So annoyed with my carelessness, and I could have done without the extra expense, but I must confess - I love my new camera!

Happy weekend to you too!

patience of a saint said...

Oh dear, poor you. What a sad ending to a fantastic evening, it sounded like such fun. Not to worry though at least all your limbs are in tact. Fab pictures, new camera worth every penny x x

The World According to Me said...

Hello Patience

At least my limbs are in tact, as you say!
Glad you like the pictures.
See you soon. xxx

seagrape said...

hello again. i carry around a canon SD850 IS - i take photos all the time the size of this camera works well for me.