Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Merry Christmas Happy Birthday text

Happy 15th birthday SMS! I was reminded of this information as I texted a 'Happy Birthday' message for my cousins little boy.
As well as the George Michael related article in our office newsletter, we learnt that this week, 15 years ago, the world's first SMS was sent. It simply contained the words 'Merry Christmas' and was sent to the engineers at Vodafone by a certain man called Neil Papworth.
You learn something every day, or so they say. Unless, of course, you already knew that.
It was my cousins little boy's 2nd birthday today. After sending the 'Happy Birthday' text, I watched his eyes light up as he opened his presents and happily played with them, while keeping one close eye on Postman Pat on the telly. Savoury bits and chocolate cake were devoured, and I left my cousins house when the birthday boy and his big sister started bickering over the remote control car. Bless them.
I'm off to bed with my book now, latest escape is 'The Blind Assassin' by Margaret Atwood. According to the Daily Telegraph: 'Like all great novels, it transports us to a fully-realised, self-contained world that beguiles and haunts us, subtly altering our views on life.' Sounds good to me.
I have finished 'The Kite Runner' and all I can say is wow, what a powerful book. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest that you go and buy it now.

Well, it's goodnight from me, or good morning, or good afternoon, depending where you are in this mad (text friendly) world.

Pictures of the day:

Birthday balloons.


Blur Ting said...

Isn't it amazing how we can't live without sms today? To think that it was only invented 15 yrs ago.

Nick Phillips said...

15 years? Man, It feels like it's been around forever! Personally, I think sms takes away the warmth of communication, not to mention butchering the English language ... LOL!

JYankee said...

isnt it? it seems like forever..or maybe its just because i've just caught on! LOL

The World According to Me said...

Hello Blur ting

I agree, these days texting is so commonly used, it's hard to imagine what life was like without the text!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Nick

Yep, 15 years ago! I can't remember my first text. Although funnily enough I remember my first email: everything has a beginning and an end, apart from a sausage.
I must admit, I'm not a phone person, I would rather text or email someone, and then have a good old fashioned face to face conversation. LOL!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Jyankee

It sure does feel like it has been around forever!

Hope you are well.

Kate said...

I LOVED Kite Runner. One of the best books I've ever read.

The World According to Me said...

Hello Kate

I totally agree with you, one of the best books I've ever read too.

Anonymous said...

Did I send you that email ? If so I think it went Everything has an end, although a sausage has two...

It's my favourite quote although it sounds better in German:
Alles hat ein Ende Nur die Wurst hat zwei...

I really should get out more !

La delirante said...

Hi! Wow...I was about to buy "The kite runner" yesterday!!! Then, I thought that apparently it is now a motion picture and decided to wait to see the movie. I don't know why. It is usually all the way around.

Margaret Atwood...they have talked to me about her but I have not read any of his books. How are you finding the novel? do you like it?

The World According to Me said...

Hello anon

That's the one! I nearly got it right! And yes, it was none other than you who sent me those words of wisdom.
I did not know that you knew it in German. Is there no end to your talents?!


The World According to Me said...

Hello La Delirante

How are you?

I heard a rumour that's it going to be made into a motion picture. I'll definitely be going to see it on the big screen.

I haven't read any of Margaret Atwood's before, and I must admit 'The Kite Runner' is going to take some beating, but I am enjoying the book so far. I'm looking forward to reading more tonight!