Monday, 3 December 2007

How to fix my life meme

“Tag, you’re it!” that’s what Mike from
has said to me. I’m it, because I have been tagged to complete a ‘life course meme’ with these rules:

The rules are as follows:
Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life.

It's more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you'd also like to take. Tag 5 others

Here’s the life courses which I know I would benefit from:

How to get out of bed.
Such a simple thing, but something I have such difficulty with. It doesn’t matter what time I went to bed, or how many hours sleep I’ve had, I find it Mission Impossible to get up in the mornings. I am the Queen of “Five more minutes!” and “I’ll just press snooze one more time.”
I’d love to be one of these people who rise early from their bed with no effort or complaints, ready to happily embrace the world, after they have swam 99 lengths of the swimming pool, cleaned the house from top to bottom, prepared the evening meal, and written a best selling novel.
It’s just not me. If you stand outside my house in the mornings, I’ll be the one rushing down the path, still dressing myself, piece of toast hanging out of my mouth and muttering the words “I’m going to miss my train if I don’t hurry!”

How to suppress your appetite.
It is abnormal to be constantly hungry?! It’s not unusual for me to finish my breakfast and start thinking about my lunch. It’s also common for me to finish my lunch and still feel hungry. And to eat my dinner, and then stick my head in the fridge to see what damage I can do.
I remember a friend once saying to me “Your appetite amazes me.”
It was okay years ago, because I could eat a small country and not gain one single pound. These days, I only have to look at a chocolate bar or a slab of cheese, and I have put on fifty calories. Sigh, it’s not fair (especially with my appetite).

How to make your own clothes.
I would love to say “This old thing? Oh I knocked it up the other day on my sewing machine.” Think of all the gorgeous material I could buy, and the unique creations I could wear and dress my home with. Think of all the money I could save! No more popping into Selfridges to “Just have a look” and popping out two hours later with five carrier bags and trying not to think about the cash total. Mind you, I am so much more controlled theses days when it comes to shopping! Thank goodness, as it had to stop.
But I would love to be a wizard on the sewing machine.
Sorry Blur, I wasn’t copying your course, it’s something that has crossed my mind before.
Mike, fancy coming on a dress making course?!

How to turn £5 notes into £20 notes.

Total fabrication, I know. But imagine it! No more planning my life around pay day, because every time I received a five pound note, or drew it out of ‘the hole in the wall’ I could turn it into a twenty pound note. No more money worries, and a far better standard of living!
Where’s Harry Potter and his magic wand when you need him?!

How to make one glass of wine last all night.
Nope I’ve never managed this one. One glass of wine isn’t really my style. Not that I’m a raving alcoholic or anything, I just enjoy the odd glass of wine or three. Especially after a hard day in the office, as there is nothing like pouring a glass of Pino Grigio and letting all your troubles drift away.
But if I could make one glass of wine last all night, I know my liver and my bank balance would thank me for it.

I'm tagging anyone who reads this and cares to join in! Go on, be a devil, see what courses you could benefit from.

Picture of the day:

(It might not have escaped your attention that I visited a duck pond the other day):

This way to the life courses!


Anonymous said...

What day did you go to the pond ? I hope you weren't on your own - you need someone to protect you from the scary geese ;o)

The World According to Me said...

Hello anon

It's the duck pond over Regents Park, I stumbled across it in my lunch hour the other day. I was alone, but the scary geese did not get the better of me!


Mike M said...

Very cool courses!

But you for got to include me in one of them.
Thanks ok. I loved them anyway :)

The World According to Me said...

Hi Mike

Arr, did I do it wrong? I asked if you fancied the dress making course?!

Mike M said...

OMG!! You did included me!!

I will take that course!!! I look so good in a dress!!!

The World According to Me said...

Oh good, glad you will be joining me.
Expect to see us in pretty dresses soon, everybody!

Blur Ting said...

We can go learn dress making together! I want to learn how to make money grow in my wallet too!

Anonymous said...

OMG Mikey in a dress????!!!!! Photos photos! we need to see these creations!

Nick Phillips said...

I'd love to suppress my appetite cos I'm always hungry ... LOL!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur

See you at the dress making course! Hopefully our purses will be bulging with notes!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Jyankee

Maybe the next 'picture of the day' will be Mike in a dress?!

The World According to Me said...

Nick, I think the 'how to suppress your appetite' course would be beneficial to us both! I'm writing this while thinking of my lunch!

seagrape said...

a course on getting out of bed - i need that.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Seagrape.

Snap! The getting out of bed course would be handy. Especially the cold, dark mornings over here at the mo!