Friday, 9 November 2007

Bigs ones

Five advertisements to go (in reference to yesterdays post) and they absolutely, definitely, have to be here YESTERDAY. No more excuses thank you, and I’m clean out of deadline extensions.
I’m just breaking for lunch while I wait in eager, bordering on desperate, anticipation.
It’s another soup from the bag day, this one being ‘healthy choice, autumn vegetables with mild spices.’ How seasonal. And the best way to make up for the over usage of calories last night.
Last night, I dined out at a local restaurant with my dear friend Chamelle and her two lovely children. It was a kind of late-birthday-let’s-get-together meal (I know, I’m milking this birthday lark). They very generously bought me a box of chocolates and a beautiful sliver necklace. These were accompanied with birthday cards which actually bought tears to my eyes, whilst reading the kind words written inside. (Big softy, aren't I.)
For my dinner, I chose the Mediterranean vegetables and goats cheese tart, but apparently this was a popular choice as they had sold out. Instead, I ordered lasagna with garlic bread. Very tasty indeed.
Then - here comes the fattening part - we ordered a chocolate sundae. It was the biggest, packed full of goodies, chocolate sundae, I have ever seen in my life. Probably the reason why the menu suggests sharing it. So, three spoons came with our dessert (her eleven month old son is too young to appreciate these pleasures) and we all tucked into the ice cream, cream, melted chocolate, chocolate brownies, flakes, maltesers, and profita rolls. I don’t think there was anything else inside the glass?!
We could hardly move when we had finished making pigs of ourselves.
Hence the soup day today.

Pamper evening tonight, I can't wait! That's if I ever get out of here in one peice.

Picture of the day (apologies that's it's not the clearest pic, I had it on the wrong setting, but you get the general idea!):

The big chocolate sundae.


Leigh Russell said...

Chocolate sundae looks yummy and I could see it without once having to avert my eyes. (I wonder what your shameless snails would say if they knew their action was being broadcast on your blog... I suppose it serves them right for being so forward in public. Then again, they could be complete exhibitionists who were aware of you, snapping a picture, perhaps snailporn stars, even?) Back to the chocolate sundae ... and now I've completely forgotten what I came by to say!

Your cat looks a bit demented. I hope you don't confuse me with him!

Thank you for visiting my blog and keep in touch. Always a pleasure to hear from someone who knows the truth about flying elephants.

Kate said...


I would have been happy to help you dispatch that.

Blur Ting said...

WOAHHH! I want some of that sundae! It looks so sinful but what the heck! I'll have soup tomorrow...

JYankee said...

YUM..dont care if its blurry...i'll help ya eat it!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Leigh

Arr, the flying elephants appreciation!

Hope you had a good weekend. Did you bump into any demented cats or kinky snails?!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Kate

The sundae was Yummy with a capital Y!
Apparently, two men came in the day before, with their girlfriends, and ordered one each. They wanted to have a race and see who could eat theirs the fastest. I was told they both ended up feeling very sick and looking very green! That's what you get for showing off!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur

Naughty but nice hey!
There's always soup and bananas for the next day!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

It seems the giant dessert is a popular choice!
Any sundaes to share at the wedding?!