Monday, 1 October 2007

Pinch, punch, first day of the month

October is upon us. There is a definite change in the temperature as I sit here at my desk, with the grey blinds pulled back so I can actually see the outside world.
I left my house at an unsociable hour this morning, as the new magazine was scheduled to be sent to print and I had a few last minute loose ends which needed tying. The sky was still dark and there was a chill in the air as I pulled my coat closer to my half asleep body, wishing I had thought to wear my scarf for extra warmth. Was I really walking along the beach, without a coat, and admiring the blue sky only a week ago?!
Once I reached the office, I breathed a sigh of relief as the very last advertisement was awaiting me in my 'in box', direct from the USA, without any errors and amendments to be done. Double and triple checks were made on all the other files, and then with a touch of a button and a telephone call, the new magazine was sent to print!
I could finally relax and enquire as to what my colleagues had amused themselves with at the weekend. My weekend, in case your were wondering, was a reasonably quiet and low key affair.
On Friday my throat was rather sore and I was feeling a little run down and below par. The night before, I drank a few glasses of wine with my friend Laura, and ate a very large, over flowing with toppings, pizza. It was a most enjoyable evening but I don’t think the alcohol and late night helped my state of health. The account handler at the new printers had stopped being sick and so took the production 'department' out for lunch. It was a near by restaurant which has catered for many of our office functions. Quiz nights, football matches, leaving parties, etc. If the tan coloured sofas and mint coloured walls could talk, there would be a few tales to tell. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling quite my normal chirpy self during the lunch. Two fresh orange juices were ordered instead of my usual wine and I even struggled with the gourmet beef burger, fat chips and onion rings. Not the healthiest choice I know, but you have to remember I had a little hangover and was not feeling myself.
When 5pm on Friday finally arrived, I rushed home to have a soak in the bath, with radox. Then I put my pink pyjamas on and wrapped my duvet round me, with ‘I capture the castle’ for company. What a brilliant book, and I have very nearly finished it.
Saturday came and I felt a tad brighter, so I ventured to the shops with my mother to buy birthday presents and cards for my lovely cousin and her adorable daughter.
Sunday was my cousins birthday, so in true family tradition, we visited her home with presents and cards and good wishes. My cousin certainly has her hands full at present, she has just moved (within walking distance to my house which can only be a good thing) and she is eight months pregnant. Plus she has two children under the age of three, and decorating and unpacking still to complete. I have offered my services and I’m on stand by duty for babysitting.
So all too soon the weekend, and September, came to a close.

I’m having my lunch break now before I start work on another magazine.(There is no rest for the wicked!) I have brought a healthy salad from the kitchen at home, but decided it needed jazzing up. So I nipped to Salisbury's and purchased a Moroccan style cous cous. This is a sweet and spicy mix of cous cous, chickpeas, chargrilled pepper, courgette and onion. With apricots and jumbo flame raisins for a fruity flavour. And the fragrant Baharat spices add a gentle heat.
Am I making you hungry? I’ve made myself hungry. I’m off to eat it now.
I hope you all had pleasant weekends.

In keeping with the cold change of weather, I thought todays picture was a suitable choice.

Picture of the day:

The duck pond.


patience of a saint said...

It's all go for you isn't it Miss FPE? Your life sounds like a whirlwind of excitement, alcohol and good food. I'm jealous, my life is just washing, ironing and waiting for the postman. Not to worry, hope you are feeling better now, much love to your cousin and I look forward to seeing you soon, LOL x x x x x

The World According to Me said...

Hello the Saint with the Patience

I think someone else's life can often sound more exciting than your own!

I am feeling better now thank you. I will give your regards to my cousin next time I see her. Baby number 3 very soon!
Hope you and your lovely family are all well. xxx

JYankee said...

yumm yumm all this talk of food and cous cous...something else that i havent had in SOME time now! lovely photo...its a tad cooler here too... no signs of fall...straight into winter...forecast says...bummer...

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

How are you? Enjoying the cooler weather? Not too cool I hope! Coming over to you right now...

Blur Ting said...

Your healthy lunch actually sounds very delicious!

seagrape said...

and a happy fall to you!

Rebecca said...

Your lunch sounds delicious, as I sit here starving at Ten Fifty in the morning! Glad to hear you are feeling better. I told my boss last week that I feel a sick day coming on....just a bit run down. I keep promising myself I will go to bed early, but I never do.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur ting

It was delicious thanks. I could eat it again right now!

Hi Seagrape.

How are things with you in fall season?

Hi Rebecca

I'm feeling better thanks. How are you doing? Still feeling run down? Sorry to hear that.
I know what you mean about going to bed early, I always try to make the most of my evenings and the early nights suffer.