Friday, 19 October 2007

Catch a falling star

I woke up this morning singing I don't feel like dancing by the The Scissor Sisters, which then changed to What shall we do with the drunken sailor. This was in my friend Caron's spare room, as I stayed over last night. But the worst part was, my friend thought my singing voice was the little boy next door crying. Erm no, that's how I sound when I sing.
The previous evening, I met my friend at Waterloo train station and we travelled via the train to her home town. Here we stopped off at a bar for a couple of glasses of wine, enjoyed in the comfort of the floral armchairs. Then we headed to her house for very tasty fajitas, more wine, book lending and big chats. This was all done with the smug knowledge that we had both booked the following day off work.
Today, on our day off, we wandered into the town centre in my friends home town, and browsed around craft stalls and shops. I didn't buy anything as it's the weekend before pay day, but it was nice to window shop, and even nicer than being in the office.
After shopping, we went to the cinema to see the film Stardust. I was mesmerised by every magical moment of this fantasy adventure. It stars Michelle Pfiffer as the four hundred year old witch and Robert De Niro as the camp pirate. It's all about a fallen star and finding your true love, with black magic and humour along the way. I loved it. I may appreciate a Stephen King too-horrible-to-be-true book and film, but I'm also a hopeless romantic at heart.
And the good news is - this time, my purse was not mislaid at the cinema. But in true tradition, I spilt salsa sauce down my jeans. I'm looking at this salsa sauce now, and I think I better chuck the jeans in the washing machine. Then I'm going to read 'I capture the Castle' again, as my friend Caron has lent me her copy. Absent-mindedly, I left my copy on the train. I would loose my head if it wasn't attached to my body. On that note, I'm off. I hope you all enjoy your weekends, and I hope that you don't suffer the consequences of any lost items.
Oh, and look out for falling stars.

Picture of the day:

Pansy time again.


Anonymous said...

hmmm losing your head if it werent attached??? LOL.. sometimes im that way too! and robert deniro and michelle pfeiffer? two of my favorite actors! sounds like a good weekend. musical talent? well we both established that in the last meme didnt we....LOL

Blur Ting said...

At one time, that same song by Scissors Sisters stayed in my head for an entire day too. It's really catchy.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Yep, it's a good job my head is attached to my body! Otherwise I am bound to leave it on a train or in a bar etc, etc.
Robert De Niro is def one of my fav actors too. He's performance in Stardust is very amusing.
As for my musical talent, I'm afraid it's sadly lacking!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur Ting

Hope you are well. Be over to you soon.
Very catchy tune indeed. In fact, I'm singing it again now, but lucky for my work colleagues I'm singing it in my head.

Kate said...

Throw him in the longboat 'til he's sober/
Throw him in the longboat 'til he's sober....

The World According to Me said...

Hi Kate

You know the song too!