Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Masks, fairies and high heel shoes

Phew. It has been action stations this evening.
Once my dinner had safely digested, my first mission was the gym. Tread mill, exercise bike and the machine which moves your arms and legs and has it’s own television screen, but I’m still not quite sure of it’s correct terminology. They were the three machines I used tonight, in an effort to make my wobbly bits less wobbly.
I have to admit, I usually arrive at the gym in a reluctant frame of mind, but once I have stretched, jumped and jogged, I leave the gym feeling as if I could conquer the world. (Sort of.)
And tonight was no exception. Tracksuit and trainers on, I tore myself away from the television screen in my house and drove the short distance to the sports centre, with George Michael's dulcet tones to perk me up. After my hour work out, I arrived home revitalised and ready to jump into the bath.
A hot, relaxing bubble bath was enjoyed, with a hydrating face mask smothered into my pores. I love the feel of my skin after the hydrating mask, although the smell of the ingredients does tend to make me feel a little queasy at first. They do say, no pain, no gain, so I have learnt to live with the smell.
Fresh from the bath, with pink fluffy dressing gown on, I opened a newly delivered catalogue to hunt for presents for the forthcoming 13 birthdays. Quite a good selection of kid’s toys filled the back section of the catalogue and I have ordered fairy dolls to make, board games to play and china mugs to be personalised and painted. It’s a good start for the 13 birthday presents.
E bay was the next item on my list of things to do, as I thought I should check how the bidding war with my clothes was evolving. Oh, erm, just the one bid for 99p then! Not quite how I had visualised it. Still, there are three whole days to go. And as you know, anything can happen in three days. So I’ll try not to be too disheartened.
And that reminds me, while we are on the subject of clothes, I need to plan my outfit for the river cruise tomorrow night. Myself, and my work colleague and friend Sophie, have been invited to join the festivities on board, for a night hosted by our mailing house.
Now, do I wear my glamorous gold shoes which made my feet bleed the last time I wore them? Or do I wear my comfortable, but a little scruffy, red high heeled shoes? Shall I wear my cream sixties style top or my smart black crotchet top, with my faithful black trousers? What about a jacket? It’s been a bit nippy today, so I imagine the weather top deck on a boat would be even nippier. But what jacket goes best with my cream sixties style top or my smart black crotchet top?
What a dilemma. I might have to sleep on my clothing decision, for the time is ticking away and I need my beauty sleep. I’m also looking forward to reading a few pages of my new book, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. I have finished ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter’ by Amy Tan and I loved every single word of it. Such a talented writer and an intriguing book full of secrets, superstitions and love.

Well, it’s good night from me. No doubt I will be seeing you soon to update you with all the gory details from the river cruise, and what I decided to wear.
I’m sure you will be waiting with bated breath.

Picture of the day:

She’s a waterfall.


JYankee said...

go with stylish comfort...LOL doesnt help you much eh? lookin forward to the river cruise post.

Blur Ting said...

The cruise sounds fun. wear the red heels cos feeling comfortable will make you look confident and radiant!

Kate said...

Definitely the jacket. Nothing worse than being shivery at a party.

The World According to Me said...

Hello ladies

Thanks for reading and for your clothes input!

I shall be writing my post tonight and all shall be revealed!