Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Oxo Tower

It was that time of the month again, when my friend Helen and I met for our monthly meal and reunion. This time we decided to broaden our horizons and our choice of venue was The Oxo Tower, situated along the south bank of the River Thames.
The Oxo Tower is a huge land mark along the river. It was built at the turn of the nineteenth century and used as a power station. In the late 1920's the site was purchased by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company, makers of Oxo. Nowadays it's an attractive eight floor building full of shops, restaurants and bars.Being a huge land mark, and apparently near the station Helen and I travelled to, we thought we would find it relatively easy. But then again, we are talking about two people who could get lost walking down a ladder. We got lost. Even with a map in my hand and signs for 'The Oxo Tower' everywhere we looked.
Half an hour later and two painful blisters forming on my feet (surprise, surprise) we found ourselves looking up in awe at The Oxo Tower, which should have taken us a mere five minutes to find.
We took the lift to the eighth floor where our dinner reservation had been made. You could not fault the view, it was stunning. We made our way to our table where wine and beer were ordered. As I looked around the restaurant I couldn't help feeling like Patsy or Eddy from the sit com Absolutely Fabulous. It was what you would describe as contemporary design, with champagne bottles strategically placed on numerous shelves.
We both opted for the porcini and ricotta tortelloni, with mushroom cream, fried artichoke, goats curd and toasted hazelnuts. It was very tasty although a little rich towards the end. A saxophonist serenaded us throughout our meal, a beautiful instrument to listen to and the music was very much appreciated.
My father plays the saxophone, and the night before our meal he was asked to join a band at The Ritz hotel. The Ritz is a prestigious London hotel and my father was honoured to be invited to play there. This was discussed with Helen and we decided our next meeting could be afternoon tea at The Ritz. How posh! And somewhere I have yet to visit.
After our meal we were itching to take our drinks outside, to admire the view and take photographs. So we walked along the balcony, sipping our beverages and enjoying the spectacular view of London by night light.
For your viewing, a couple of pictures are attached.

Pictures of the day:




JYankee said...

ooooh, isnt it nice to enjoy fine wining and dining?? sounded like a great time. coach parking.. is that like for busses??? sorry...stupid yankee here... LOL!

Blur Ting said...

It's always nice to meet up with a good friend. Even better when the food and view's great! I always feel so alive after a night out like this.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

How are you?

Yeah coach parking is like for big bus things!

The fine wine and dining was indeed very enjoyable.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur ting

Are you back from your hols? I'll be over to you at lunch time.

It was a lovely evening, great to catch up with friend and tuck into food and drink, with amazing view. What more could a girl want?!

Diane said...

I love your garden photos, particularly The Happy Sunflower! Found you via Kate's blog. Happy photographing!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Diane

Nice to meet you! Glad you like the pics.
I have lurked on your blog before and admired your pics. Will be over to you soon...

Rebecca said...

you pick such lovely spots for your girlfriend reunions!!!

seagrape said...

girlfriend dates are the best :D

Kate said...

Wow! Fabulous view that St. Paul's? Your description of your meal has made me hungry. Anything with goat cheese, please!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Seagrape

Girly nights are good for the soul!

Hello Rebecca

We've certainly been lucky with our reunion choices recently.

Hi Kate

You are correct, is St Paul’s. Not the best quality pic I'm afraid but I wanted to share the view.
I adore goats cheese!

patience of a saint said...

Hello FPE,

I didn't realise it had goat's cheese, which I normally can't bear. It was a truly lovely evening although tainted, don't think Claire will want to come out with us next time.

Cheers big ears, see you soon

P.s Who is your gorgeous friend?

The World According to Me said...

Hello gorgeous friend!

It was a very memorable evening. Lovely to see you, as always.

And less of the big ears!