Monday, 3 September 2007

The Bat and the Owl party

It's Monday again, and I have actually got to work a full, complete, working week. That’s five days, and seven and a half hours per day. I always take an hour for my lunch break, to write my blog and/or other riveting stuff.
There are no longer any bank holidays, or any Friday half days in August (goodbye August, hello September) and I can’t take any annual leave this week as the editor and I are holding the fort in our department.
The rest of the gang are in Dubai, buzzing around at a telecoms conference. Unfortunately the ed and I have been left out of this trip. And today he is working from home, as his shower has been on since Friday. It refuses to switch off, therefore someone is taking a look at it today before he wastes even more water. I'm sure you will agree that a 3 day shower is wasting an awful lot of water.
I was sad to see the back of the August Friday half days. So last Friday, in an attempt to make the most of my early finish, I left the office at 1pm and took a stroll to Regents Park. Here I wondered around, admiring the scenery, the colourful flower displays and the relaxing water features. I then decided to have a rest on one of the benches, read the ‘Bonesetter’s Daughter’ and watch the Squirrels scurrying around and the Pigeons pecking for food.
I had no plans or enthusiasm to venture out Friday evening, instead I enjoyed a Chinese take away with my parents. Ko-pung chicken and Singapore noodles are my favourite. Mother ordered the lemon chicken, but I am not a fan of lemon chicken. To me it tastes like chicken sprayed with lemon air fresher. Not very appetising in my humble opinion.
The Diana, Princess of Wales, memorial was discussed at the dinner table. I did not see it as I was in the office, working hard naturally, but my mother informed me of the details. The memorial marked the ten year anniversary since she died in the car crash. And still people speculate whether it was an accident or not.
“Let it end here, " the Bishop of London apparently said. "Let this service mark the point at which we let her rest in peace and dwell on her memory with thanksgiving and compassion.”
500 people attended, including The Queen, the new prime minister, Gordon Brown, and the pop singer, Elton John. Prince Harry made a heartfelt speech: “She was our guardian, friend and protector. To us, just two loving children, she was simply the best mother in the world.”
Those words touched me. It’s incredibly sad to loose your mother at such a young age and in such tragic circumstances. It made me feel even luckier and grateful that my mum and I have a healthy relationship and she’s still here to guide me and reassure me. Even though I like to think I no longer need guidance and reassurance!
After the Chinese we watched the Big Brother final. I can’t believe that I avoided it and slated it all summer, and then watched the final. But I couldn’t help watching it, my mother has been hooked on it, so it was blasting out of the television screen. Plus, I wanted to see if the person who bet £50,000 on the twins winning, would be £50,000 down or £10,000 richer. He was £50,000 down - Brian won! Brian, the 20 year old Essex boy, who from what I can gather, is not the sharpest tool in the box.
Why do they always do this?! Where do they find these Essex boys/girls on these reality television shows?! It’s becoming increasingly harder to convince people that us Essex folk have not all got the brain cell of a peanut. Although in his defence, my mother says he is “very funny and sweet."
Anyway, as I live in the sometimes mis understood place called Essex, my mother and I attended the Essex Wine Festival this weekend. There was an art exhibition, craft stalls, belly dancers, a live band, food stalls, and of course, wine tasting. We sampled various locally produced wine, with cheese and biscuits to compliment.
I bought myself a Jade stone from one of the stalls. Jade is known as the "dream stone" and a "stone of fidelity". Jade brings realization to ones potential and devotion to ones purpose. It is the symbol of tranquility and wisdom. It's very pretty and bought with intentions of making it into a necklace.
I also visited the stall representing the Essex Wildlife Trust. I am now a member. The link is here if anyone out there is interested:
Each month I will make a small donation which will go towards preserving the wildlife in the local nature reserves. I will also receive regular wildlife magazines, packed with information and news on the local wildlife, including invitations to Bat and Owl parties.
I must admit, I have never attended a Bat or an Owl party and I’m not quite sure what this involves?! But don’t worry, if I do decide to join one, I will fill you in with all the juicy details.

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JYankee said...

its hard isnt it...going back to a full work week after holidays... me too.. the first week back i nearly died! yeah i also been reading about the Princess Diana memorial.. hard to say... but they really should just put that conspiracy theory to rest and let the woman rest in peace.... good luck with the rest of your work week!

The World According to Me said...

Hello Jyankee

It certainly is hard to do the full working week again!

Definitely think they should let her rest in peace, and it can not be nice for her sons to have the conspiracy theory thrown in their faces on a regular basis...

Good luck with your week too!

Kate said...

I think a bat party could be imagination is definitely going places with that. Essex, huh? It's hard to live with all the stereotypes, I know. LOL. I will spare you my Essex jokes.

Mike M said...

Great post!!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Kate

Hopefully the Bat party wouldn't drive you batty?! Ha, ha.
Arr, the Essex Girl jokes. You have heard of them too?!
Hope all is peachy with you.

Hi Mike

Thanks for reading and commenting. Be over to you soon...

Rebecca said...

This is first full week after 2 partials...Last Monday was Labor day here, so a national holiday. With my son back in school, and the work world reawakening, it is a busy time, indeed.

I agree that the world needs to let Diana rest in peace. If for no other reason but for the wellbeing of her sons.

Kung pao chicken is my husband's favorite...I like moo goo gia pan :)

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

Nice to hear from you. Does sound like you have been busy.

Yes, let her rest in peace.

Good choice of Chinese food!