Monday, 24 September 2007

All the pebbles on the beach

It goes by the name of Bluetongue and it’s an agricultural disease that has just been discovered on a Suffolk farm in Great Britain.
Incidentally, I visited Suffolk at the weekend with my parents. But do not fear, I am not a cow or a sheep, so I can not catch and spread this unfortunate disease which mainly affects small blood vessels and can lead to reddening and swelling of the lips, mouth, nasal linings and eyelids. Sounds very unpleasant, and can be a farmers living nightmare, if discovered on their livestock.

Our visit to Suffolk consisted of walking aimlessly along the pebbled beach, with the screeching seagulls and gentle waves for our soundtrack. Browsing in antique and gift shops, which were decorated with unusual ideas and ornate treasures.
My first Christmas present was bought in one of the many curiosity shops. As well as the 13 birthday presents looming, I have to purchase 20 Christmas presents, so I thought it best to keep my eyes open for suitable gifts.
This suitable gift was a jazz book for my father, bought without his knowledge so it will remain a surprise, and will join one of the many presents for him to open on Christmas Day.
I decided to treat myself to a new book which caught my eye and imagination. ‘I capture the castle’ is the title and Dodie Smith is the author. The same author who wrote '101 Dalmatians'. Cruella De Vill, Cruella De Vill, if she doesn’t do it, nobody will... Sorry, I got side tracked with one of the characters then. Remember Cruella De Vill, from 101 Dalmations, and her unhealthy obsession with fur coats?
Lunch was crusty baguettes and refreshing beverages, overlooking the blue sea and underneath the blue sky. It was almost a shame to leave our idyllic setting and return to our home county. But all too soon it was time to face the traffic and leave.
And there was also the small matter of the Agatha Christie's ‘Miss Marple’ on the telly, which we had all expressed our enthusiasm in watching. So home we trekked.

Pictures of the day:

The perfect stop.

When the boat comes in.

All the pebbles on the beach.

Time to go home.


Anonymous said...

I capture the castle is a beautiful book - you will really love it ! But I could have lent it to you and saved your pennies - sorry honey xxx

The World According to Me said...

Bugger. Don't ya hate it when that happens!
Funnily enough, when I bought it I was thinking about lending it to you afterwards, as I thought it was your cup of tea too. xx

JYankee said...

yeah it sounds really nice and very English!!! ha ha... The photos are really great! Really peaceful....

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Very English and peaceful indeed. And for once, it did not rain!

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Lovely photos!! I love beaches that have not been built up. (How's that for alliteration!)

seagrape said...

I love the photos.
I better start my Christmas shopping soon!

Kate said...

Wow, you got those 13 b-day presents taken care of! Good for you! Looks like the gods approved of your trip to the seaside and allowed the sun to shine for once.

Blur Ting said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Lovely pictures too!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Katherine

Glad you like the pics of the beach.

Hi Seagrape

Christmas is coming and shopping is to be done! Where does all the time fly to these days?!

Hi Kate

The Gods must have been looking down on us, and we thank them for the nice weather!

Hi Blur ting

It was a very enjoyable weekend, and much appreciated change of scenery.

Rebecca said...

what a lovely sojourn! You are wise to begin gathering Christmas presents. I confess, I won't begin until December...

patience of a saint said...

Fantastic pics FPE, where in Suffolk did you go? Looks like the weather was nice as well. Very impressed about your purchasing your christmas presents. I have debated writing my christmas cards but thought that it was a bit sad really and surely I would have something more important to do x x x

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

I normally start my Christmas shopping early, but it's whether I can keep it up!

Hello Patience

I'm glad you like the pics. Well, I have decided to make Christmas cards this year, and I have wondered when is too early to start?! So you are not alone. xx