Thursday, 20 September 2007

All aboard!

Ahoy there captain and shiver me timbers! Yesterday was ‘International talk like a pirate day’. Honestly, I am not pulling your (wooden) leg with this one.
Held annually on one of the founders ex-wife’s birthday, the event began in 1995. Apparently, two guys, John Baur and Mark Summers, began talking like a pirate on this day and thanks to email and a local newspaper, the word got out and September 19th has been officially named ‘International talk like a pirate day’.
Here’s the link if you are still shaking your head in disbelief:
By a wave of coincidence (wave, sea, pirate, geddit?!) it was also the same day as the river cruise, courtesy of the mailing house which mails the magazines that my publishing house produces.
And in case you were wondering, I wore neither my red shoes nor my gold shoes. I purchased new black shoes for the occasion. To justify my actions, black goes with everything, the style can be worn with trousers or a dress/skirt, and the heel is not too high, so I am hoping I will not be in agony each time I wear them.
I also wore my black and white jacket for extra comfort as the weather was grey, wet and windy. Well, what did you expect for a September day and evening in England? Sunshine and warmth?!
Sophie, my work colleague and friend, and I, happily left the office earlier than usual and made our way to the Festival Pier on the River Thames. The M.V. Elizabethan, replica of an 1890’s Mississippi Stern-wheeled Paddle Steamer awaited us, with champagne!
What a lovely welcome, a glass of bubbly champagne and two representatives from the mailing house. Other than them, we only knew one other person at the event. This was another production extraordinaire, whose job I replaced eight years ago (that’s how long I have worked in my office) and then she came back to the office, to be employed in a different department, once she had tired of the travelling lifestyle.
An Irish folk band sang and played musical instruments while waitresses circulated sliver trays filled with interesting looking canapes. Sophie and I sat at the stern of the boat absorbing the scenery as we floated down the river, sipping our wine and beer.
And the best bit was - my new black shoes did not cause me any discomfort. I took a gamble wearing them for the first time at such an event, and for once it seemed I had won.
Even though it was ‘International talk like a pirate day’ we decided not to talk pirate language throughout the evening, and we disembarked the boat satisfied with our outing and ready to face the London Underground.
I stayed the night at Sophie's house, so that two ‘young girls' were not riding the trains and walking the streets alone.
At Sophie's house, off to her spare room I went, this time remembering the black panther in the corner, while at the same time noticing the grey shark and the sinister looking snake. Welcome to the animal kingdom in the spare room.
I took my new shoes off, ready to fall into bed, and then on closer inspection, I discovered a red mark on my toe and the familiar beginnings of a blister. I spoke too soon. I did not win the gamble.
I just knew it was too good to be true.

Picture of the day:

Big Ben on a typical grey London day.

Big Ben by night


JYankee said...

Sounds like a good time and thanks for the photos of Big Ben. Typical tourist I am LOL! Well, in all that excitement, you did not realize you were losing the battle to your shoes... Why is it that they always win? (Unless they're sneakers or something...)

seagrape said...

they do always win. LOL!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee and Seagrape

And the score at full time was me 0 and shoes 1 !

Glad you like the Big Ben pic.

Blur Ting said...

Lovely night out! No photos of you and your shoes?

patience of a saint said...

You never learn do you FPE? Even with shoes that you have had for years they cause you blisters. Sounds like a fun night out glad you had a great time. Maybe slippers next time???

Kate said...

Well, this is a deep philosophical question: If a blister is formed by my new shoe but I don't feel it, can the shoe be called uncomfortable?" It's sort of like that "tree falling in the forest" question.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blurting

No pictures of me and the shoes I'm afraid! I thought you would rather see Big Ben!

Hi Patience

Nope, I never learn! You know me too well. Slippers would be bliss next time. Hope all is good and blister free with you. x

Hi Kate

I am pondering on that one! The shoes actually didn't hurt during the evening. But once the drink had worn off, the tiredness kicked in and the shoes were kicked off - the blister was discovered!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you had a lovely evening. And since the shoes didn't cause you excruciating pain AT the event itself, you can consider it a victory, in my humble opinion :)