Friday, 3 August 2007

Media Solutions Away Day - with historical facts

Today’s topic is the Media Solutions Away Day. 10am at the Commonwealth Club, London, was the kick off time and venue. Not wishing to be late, I arrived ridiculously early, an hour before the designated time. To pass the time I walked and sat in the Victoria Embankment Gardens. Apparently, the development of the gardens was proposed by Sir Christopher Wren, after the Great Fire of London, but it took until 1862 for the scheme to be approved. It’s a well presented public park, containing statues of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, and William Tyndale, who first translated the bible into English in 1484, and was promptly executed for doing so. The gardens are also slap bang in the middle of the noisy busy, London traffic.
After my hour spent passing the time in the park, I hurried along to the Commonwealth Club, home of the Royal Commonwealth Society, which was founded in 1868. It’s a premier private members club, situated in Central London, and the first chosen place for the office away day.
Coffee, biscuits, bottled water and a power point presentation followed, in that order. Words were repeatedly thrown into the air, words such as Positive, Creative, Branding, and Webinars.
Next we had the light buffet, which consisted of asparagus caesar salad, smoked haddock and leek tarts, and open roast beef and horseradish sandwiches. Followed by an exotic fresh fruit platter. Nice.
After the break for lunch we had brainstorming, and ideas for the flag ship magazines 20th anniversary. An awards evening sounds high on the agenda, with maybe even a celebrity to present the awards.
Feeling quite drained from all our constructive and Positive ideas, black cabs were called and we were all taken to the Elbow Room in Islington. Cocktails, wine and a pool competition. I am not the best pool player in the world, but it’s the taking part that counts, or so they say.
Dinner was booked at a private dining room in Kettners, Soho. And the snip of history regarding the restaurant, is that it was founded in 1867 by the former chef to Napoleon lll, Auguste Kettner. At Kettners, more glasses of wine were poured, and I ordered a buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad and a pollo salad for my main course. Notice the low calorie choice of meal, trying to compensate for the vast amount of calories I was drinking. Although, unusually for me, I did not eat most of my food, as I was so busy waffling about goodness knows what, to anyone who would listen. Oh and my work colleague and friend, Sophie, decided to hide my Harry Potter book and watch me flap.
So as not to be travelling home alone, I stayed at Sophie’s house. The house she shares with boyfriend, crocodile and black panther. Guess which two are fake? She has a plastic crocodile in her bathroom and a stuffed toy panther in the spare room. Her boyfriend is real.

Due to yesterdays busy schedule of team bonding and excessive drinking, there are many pale faces in the office today, with vacant expressions. And if you inspect very closely, you'll be able to see the question marks above some peoples heads. Myself most definitely included.
Although I do have a little spring in my step, as it’s August. And August means half days on Friday. So that leaves me just enough time to gobble my jacket potato with tuna and salad, and rush off home to do nothing.

Picture of the day:

Victoria Embankment Gardens


Mike M said...

Great post!!

The Animal Wars badge is on my blog. Come get it!

The World According to Me said...

Thanks Mike!

I love the badge and will be displaying it on my blog. But I have to dash now, can't wait to go home and do nothing.

Have a great weekend.

patience of a saint said...

That Sophie, she is naughty hiding your book. How long did she leave it before she told you where it was? Long enough i am sure. You should have kidnapped her crocodile and held him to ransom.

Anonymous said...

Nice...Friday nite hangovers??? Oh...half days... gosh.. need that policy over here....

The World According to Me said...

Hi patience of a saint

That Sophie is very naughty indeed. I searched the private dining room from top to bottom, thinking I must have placed it somewhere, in an absent minded drunken frame of mind. I then retraced my steps into the ladies room, but no sign of the book. I even asked the waitress if a Harry Potter book had been handed in. At this point I was really flapping. And then I noticed Sophie laughing and pointing to her bag. The little devil had hidden it in her bag.

Good idea with the crocodile, I will bear it in mind for next time.

The World According to Me said...

Hi JYankee

I think half days on a Friday should be compulsory.
Although this Friday I would like to enjoy the experience without a hangover.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.