Wednesday, 15 August 2007

King of the swingers

‘Darling of course I love you, but it is not in our make-up to be monogamous.’
Do not fear, this does not relate to my newly found status of free and easy love, it is merely the title and opening sentence for one of the articles in our flag ship magazine.
I thought I would mention it, as my New Car Keys also appear in the article! They are featuring in the photograph which accompanies it. (The last time I became involved with photographs in the magazine, I managed to get a friends dog on the front cover.) My keys are in a bowl with a few other sets from willing colleagues. It’s a cheeky reference to the swinging parties, in a humorous link to brighten up a story regarding Wimax Forum, Vodafone, and the GSM Association.
The quiet period in the office is officially over. Advertisements are flocking in, the editorial department are knocking articles out, left, right and centre, and genius marketing campaigns are being released to the general public. As for me, I am busy doing production things with our monthly magazine, and the two daily newspapers which are to be circulated at a conference in Dubai. Unfortunately I will not be flying to Dubai to attend the conference, I just get to do all the hard work before hand. Whoever said life was fair?
I even dreamt about the office last night. I was not a wizard in this dream, but your average human being who was contributing to an office meeting in an aquarium. The aquarium which contained a Great White Shark, and this shark decided to hunt me down to feast on my ample body. It was scary stuff. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, to avoid his razor sharp, blood stained teeth. Relief flowed through every pore when I awoke, and sat bolt upright in my bed.

The observant reader will have noticed the picture of the Flying Pink Elephant, now included on my blog. This is being used with thanks and kind permission from my friend at: who apparently found it from the following site:
See, Flying Pink Elephants do exist.
Right, it’s back to work now, and please, no one mention the word shark.

Picture of the day.

Is it lunch time yet?


patience of a saint said...

The person who could link boring old phones and Forum (?) and the GSM Assoc (??) to swinging parties had there work cut out. Congratulations to them for making them appear interesting, not an easy job I am sure.
You must be very proud of your car. Glad to hear you are busy, sorry to hear no trip to Dubai, damn your selfish boss.
Have you googled your dream?

The World According to Me said...

Howdy patience

I know, what clever clogs I work with!

Would have been nice to sample the wonders of Dubai, but it was obviously not meant to be.

I have realised my dream theme - animals keep trying to eat me! May well be googling the meaning of that one, at a website soon.

Hope all is acceptable in your life. See you in a tick.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Hi, World! The pic looks awesome on your site! How cool. And thanks for the link in your article.

So do you publish magazines? Anything we can see? (Not interested in swingers, though. sorry! LOL)

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Oh and you will need to change your note (though I still appreciate the mention). The pic isn't mine. It's from Webshots.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Katherine

I will change my post so it mentions the site.

As for the magazines,I work in the Media & Telecoms department. I haven't quite made it to Vogue yet, it's all mobile phones and technology, in my work place. Hence the need to brighten stories with mentioning swinging parties!

Hope you have a smashing weekend.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

LOL You know, you see the word "publishing" and you automatically think, WOW. That must be really exciting stuff. And then you find out....that blogging is probably just as much fun : ) Too bad we don't get paid for it. Some day, right??

Anonymous said...

eeww we need photos of your car! cute pink elephant by the way...! wacky shark there... hungry????

The World According to Me said...

Hi Katherine and Jyankee

Too bad indeed we don't get paid for blogging. Imagine that!

Glad you like the cute elephant and wacky shark! Shark is not as dangerous looking as the one that appeared in my dream, I hasten to add.

I've been absent for a little while but be over to you both very soon...

Rebecca said...

What a horrible dream!!! While my brain tortures me during the day, it generally gives me the night off!!!

Congrats to your car keys, and your editorial staff. Must have been a cool article. Do you work for a Business to Business publisher or consumer? I have worked for B-to-B my whole career. That and one of my clients is Terrapinn, who publishes a telecomm magazine in London.It isn't often anyone come up with something that catchy :)

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

The dream was one I hope to never repeat again!!

It's Business to Business with me. Have only ever worked on one consumer magazine in my publishing career, and then it folded!
I have heard of Terrapinn. In fact, someone I worked with in this company left to work for them.
Which publications do you work on?

Rebecca said...

For Terripinn, my company produces the digital edition of Total Telecom. They also launched then folded Total Content and Media.

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

I know Total Telecom!

I am Mobile Communications International! And, to name just a couple.