Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Italian restaurant and the Chinese wine bar

Well here I am, still in my pink dressing gown (it was a late night), eating a currant bun and reminiscing on yesterdays activities.
It was the August Friday half day, and my friend Laura travelled to London town to meet me for lunch. Both talking nineteen to the dozen, we entered a little Italian restaurant and asked for a table for two. Wine, garlic bread and olives were ordered. The olives were for Laura's benefit. If there is one piece of food on this planet that I dislike with a passion, it's olives. I can not bear them. Anyway, moving on from the olives. The menu was packed with lots of other appealing food, but we both settled on the vegetarian and sea food risottos. They did not disappoint. It was lovely to see my friend, our healthy appetites were discussed, work schedules, my new car, her son and her (fingers crossed) new house. We finished our lunch date with a cappuccino each, and having exhausted all avenues of conversation, we made our way to the tube station and said our goodbyes.
After my three train journeys, with 'The Bonesetter's Daughter' for company, I arrived home to make my arrangements for the evening. I had planned to spend the evening with my friend Chamelle, and I invited my friend Claire along. But unfortunately, in the cab driving to our destination, Chamelle telephoned my mobile to explain she had babysitting problems and wouldn't be able to make it. Which was a real shame.
The cab driver, after patiently waiting for me to find my red high heeled shoes (I still can't find them, and I have no idea where they can possibly be) and patiently waiting for Claire's train to arrive at the station, dropped us at a new wine bar. Well, it was new to us, we had decided to sample it's delights, to see what all the fuss was about. It is actually an extension, via a little wooden bridge and running water, from a Chinese restaurant. I was pleasantly impressed with the atmosphere and decor. There was even a live band performing inside, but Claire and I sat at a table outside, by the heaters. And who do you think we bumped into? Unbeknown to us, our other friend Helen (otherwise known as patience of a saint) was sitting outside too. What an unexpected treat. White wine was paid for, and we were all chatting as if we hadn't seen each other for years. The wine and conversation flowed, the band continued playing, and a jolly good time was had by all.
Clarie's flat mate, very kindly, collected us at the end of the evening and dropped me home. Once dropped outside my house, I proudly showed my friend and her flat mate my new car. And then I zig zagged my way on the stepping stones to my front door, where I happily and merrily made my way to bed.

Picture of the day:

A glass of wine, anyone?


Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Sounds like you had too much fun! LOL. Now is Claire the Claire from 3BT?

And 19 to a that a drinking reference? Is it British? I just love those Bristish phrases. Don't get some of them, but love them! Love accents, too. Any accents. Again, don't understand them sometimes, but they are musical.

Yeah, olives can be rough. I can eat them if they are disguised but to eat just plain olives? Yuck. Mushrooms are the same way.

Speaking of which, do you know what a "meme" is?

Anonymous said...

yeah sounds like a great time. olives.. hmmm i like them though and great photo of the glass of wine!

patience of a saint said...

Hello there FPE, thank you for a most enjoyable evening. We now have even more to discuss on our monthly pub visit. Didn't actually realise that there was a live band playing inside!.

Olives, tomatoes and tuna are all in the same list for me, just plain evil.

Katherine, 19 to the dozen is british ( I think, FPE can you confirm? ) and it just means very quick. I too love accents, particularly Antonia Banderas spanish accent, very nice indeed.

Miss Elephant any headache on the Saturday?

The World According to Me said...

Hi Katherine

How are you?

Claire is an old pal of mine, not the one from 3BT. Although if she had of been the one from 3BT, it would have been a good blogging night out!

I can confirm, as stated by Patience, that 'talking nineteen to the dozen' is talking rather fast! I do tend to like my phrases, so let me know if there are future ones you don't quite understand!

Olives, Yuk. But I do like mushrooms.
Actually I like all food apart from olives, prawns and black pudding. I think all three are pretty disgusting.

Not quite sure about 'meme' though?

The World According to Me said...

Hi JYankee

Hope all is good with you.

You can have my olives!

I had a few too many glasses of wine last Friday, so I thought it only right that a picture of a wine glass should feature.

The World According to Me said...

Hello Patience

How are you today?

The pleasure was all mine last Friday! Lovely to see you.
So you didn't realise the music was coming from the three singers and the musicians inside the venue? Well, you can't notice everything, can you.

You don't fancy a tuna, tomato and olive sandwich for lunch?

I had a slight headache on Saturday, I must confess.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks for dropping by. Oh my, you have really lovely pictures on your blog! I must find time to read your old blogs. Looks like you've been to Singapore too!

and "Hi' to JYankee! We meet again! You're everywhere on blogland!

The World According to Me said...

Hi Blur ting

Glad you like the pics. I have been admiring yours.

I certainly have been to Singapore, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was flown out by my company to attend a conference, but had lots of free time to sight see. I would go back again at the drop of a hat.

Rebecca said...

sounds like a lovely evening! And I am totally with you on the olives thing...can't stand them. I make my martinis with a twist :)

The World According to Me said...

Hi Rebecca

I'm convinced that the only people who like Olives are my friend Laura and Jyankee!