Friday, 10 August 2007

I am not a penguin

I have noted the I list which has been circulating the bloggishere, and so not wishing to be left out, and having a few moments to spare, I thought I would see what I could come up with.

Are you sitting comfortably? Okay I shall now begin.

I know ~ it will all make sense one day.

I believe ~ that everything happens for a reason, good or bad and it’s all character building.

I fought ~ with the bathroom scales, but I think I’m winning now.

I am angered ~ by thoughtless selfish people.

I love ~ my family and friends.

I need ~ something to look forward to.

I take ~ nothing for granted.

I hear ~ George Michael's voice and it makes me smile.

I drink ~ too much! I don’t drink every day but when I do drink I tend to binge.

I hate ~ the sound of my alarm clock.

I use ~ too much bubble bath.

I want ~ to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I decided ~ to take control of my life.

I’m entirely ~ open to new ideas and suggestions.

I like ~ to be on my own sometimes.

I am ~ the ever optimist.

I feel ~ very sensitive sometimes.

I left ~ a life behind which wasn’t working.

I do ~ try to appreciate everything. Big or small.

I hope ~ to be a mother one day.

I dream ~ the most bizarre things at night, but I like to think my dreams during the day are not unreachable.

I drive ~ my new car!

I listen ~ to everyone’s point of view. There are always two sides to the story.

I type ~ fast enough.

I think ~ things through a lot more these days.

I wish ~ I had a magic wand.

I compensate ~ for my faults by remembering my strong points.

I regret ~ the debts I built up.

I care ~ about my family and friends.

I should ~ be in a stronger financial position next year.

I said ~ I would do it, and so I will. It may take a little while but I’ll do it and I’ll get there.

I wonder ~ about too many deep issues. Things we don’t have answers for.

I changed ~ my bedroom around last night.

I am not always ~ disciplined.

I cry ~ when someone looses someone, whether it’s true life or a film or a book.

I am ~ who I am.

I am not ~ a penguin. (It was the first thing that came into my mind)

I lose ~ purses and mobile phones too regularly.

I leave ~ an imprint in peoples lives. Or so I like to think!

Picture of the day:

The house by the river


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous photo. And I totally stole your post idea. Hope your don't mind!

The World According to Me said...

Hello there Rebecca

Glad you like the photo.

Don't mind you stealing the post idea at all, it wasn't really mine to steal from in the first place.

Coming over to you now...

patience of a saint said...

FPE, you really are a beautiful person and knowing you for as long as I have, I can relate to many of the things that you put as your answers. You really are the best x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

LOL some good answers... do you really lose your cell phone and purses that often???? yikes.. need one of them string things i guess! good job!

The World According to Me said...

Good morning patience

I'm touched by your post. Thank you my special friend. You're the best too. Lots of love always xxx

The World According to Me said...

Hi Jyankee

Hope you are well and enjoyed your weekend. Expect a visit from me very soon.

As for phones and purses, I regret to inform you that I have lost too many in my time spent in this world. To name just a few of the places that the mentioned items have gone missing in action: aeroplanes / taxis / bars / cinema / restaurants....see what I mean!

The string idea may just work, well it prevented me from loosing my gloves at school!

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

This is AWESOME! LOL I love your last item, World! I need to do this list. Looks like fun.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

BTW, is that YOUR house by the river? If so, can I come visit for a VERY LONG TIME???

The World According to Me said...

Hi Katherine

Thanks for visiting and glad you like the list. Going to have a bash at it too? Be interested to read your answers.

As for the house by the river, I wish I lived there! No offence to the house I live in but there is no stunning countryside and calming river situated outside. Although I do have a water barrel in the garden and a field at the bottom of the road. The same but different!

The World According to Me said...
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