Monday, 16 July 2007

The return to the blog!

Your place or mine?

The busy Bee

The aroma of Lavender

Circle of Sunflowers

Through the tunnel

Light a candle for the world

Hello, I'm back on the blog! Have you missed me? Or has life carried on as normal? I heavily suspect it's the latter, but I'm back anyway.
And what a relaxing but busy time I have had with my six days annual leave (and it's not over yet, I return to work tomorrow). I've caught up with friends and family, lunched, shopped, picnicked, walked through country parks, dined out, and generally had a nice time avoiding trains, computers and alarm clocks. Oh and I've had my hair done (trimmed and blonder).
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

You may have noticed the new book cover too, under 'I am currently reading'. The last book - Where did it all go right by Andrew Collins, made a refreshing change from the normal type of book I read, but they do say a change is as good as a rest. Basically it was an oasis of happy memories in a cruel world - diary and text format from the authors life in Northampton, covering school days, family holidays, the punk era, and West Ham actually winning the FA cup (Saturday 10th May 1980). I am a West Ham Supporter and I have soaked up the atmosphere of a live game at their home ground, and mistakenly wore a Tottenham top.
Interestingly, Andrew Collins has written for NME, Q magazine, The Observer, Radio Times and was a script writer for Eastenders where he managed to introduce a goldfish into the regular cast.

So the current book, 'quite ugly one morning' is about a corpse. It's apparently a nightmare of frightening plausibility and wickedly entertaining. The book is also the winner of the 1996 Critics First Blood Award. Watch this space for book updates and more blog ramblings!


Anonymous said...

I seriously hope you've not been to see HP yet... I am getting ridiculously excited about it - more so than moving house on Friday !!!!

The World According to Me said...

You can bet your bottom dollar that I have not seen it yet!

Let's go next week? Monday? Will you be in your new house then? Russian virus vanished now I hope?


rp said...

Love the pictures! Oh, and HP is really well done, in my opinion. My husband says they left a total of about 20 chapters out. But still. Visually beautiful. Enjoy.

The World According to Me said...

Hello rp

Thanks for your pictures comment, glad you liked them.

As for HP, I am waiting with bated breath to see the latest instalment. I have a funny feeling that I will be agreeing with your opinion.
And only 5 days count down until the final book can be found at a newsagents near me!

JYankee said...

Photos are lovely (as usual) and welcome back to blog land! Missed you'll have tons of catching up to do!

The World According to Me said...

Hi JYankee

Nice to be missed! Glad you like the photos too.

Well I'm back at my desk now and I have 147 emails to plough through. Welcome back to reality!

It's our company annual picnic today, so I shouldn't really complain as I am leaving 12ish to sit over Regents Park and eat and drink.
Although I don't like the look of the threatening grey clouds in the outside world!