Thursday, 19 July 2007

A good piece of advice

My good piece of advice is to never say you have a fast car until you actually have a fast car.
I spoke to the buyer last night and he informed me that he has lost the key. Am I the only person out there who finds a suitable motor vehicle, within my price range and 3 miles from my post code, only to be told that the key is missing in action? Before writing this, I contacted the buyer again, for the latest in the missing key saga, but his mobile when to voice mail. I have also noticed the car in pursuit has been removed from Auto Traders website. So what's a girl to do?

Yesterday, the question from
was 'Give a good piece of advice to live by' and I can't take any credit for the below profound slices of wisdom, but here are some of my favourites:

Clean up your own mess.
Diego | 07.18.07 - 11:54 pm | #

I've learnt one thing about life: It goes on!
rb | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 6:29 pm | #

Treat others the way you wish to be treated and you will have many friends
Lori Larson | 07.18.07 - 6:20 pm | #

With enough courage you can do without a reputation - Rhett Butler
Anne | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 12:41 pm | #

Do it now.
Nick | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 10:06 am | #

Keep clean hands
If you are wrong admit it, if you have wronged another apologize, make a choice every moment to do what is right.
If "you" are wronged forgive.
Donetta | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 9:53 am | #

f**k 'em if they can't take a joke...
dana | 07.18.07 - 9:04 am | #

The other side of the marquee reads:
"Bad news for pessimists: optimists live longer."
Holly | 07.18.07 - 8:29 am | #

There is always time enough to get more money, but there isn't enough money in the world to buy more time.
Erin | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 7:16 am | #

Believe. Believe in God. Believe in love. Believe in yourself. Believe in something.
annietra | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 7:12 am | #

Make a quiet moment and listen to your soul.
rebecca | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 7:07 am | #

If you can't laugh it's not worth it.
lakelady | 07.18.07 - 7:04 am | #

Don't worry about the things that you can't control and the only thing you have any control is yourself.
Katie | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 6:21 am | #

Smile. It's easier than frowning.
Angie Weid | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 6:11 am | #

Don't drink sour milk.
Paul | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 5:24 am | #

Never hesitate to call for backup.
amymay269 | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 5:19 am | #

Live every moment as if it were your last and love every moment as if it were your first
sangeeta | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 4:39 am | #

Make peace with what you cannot change.
Use your inborn courage and creativity to change what you can.
Search for the wisdom to know the difference.
kgotthardt | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 6:06 am | #

An object in possession seldom retains the charm it had in pursuit
Nicodemus | 07.18.07 - 4:39 am | #

Add vinegar to beans and you won't fart.
marc horowitz | Homepage | 07.18.07 - 2:54 am | #

I'm attending a lunch date now, with an ex colleague who once worked in the office, and she may be freelancing for us when the schedules become chocker blocked again. I'm trying not to think about mislaid keys and cars removed from websites, instead I will concentrate on the lunch menu and the work load ahead.

But why has the vehicle been removed?! Surely he can't sell it without a key?! And surely he would have told me if he had sold it since last nights conversation?! What a palava.


JYankee said...


The World According to Me said...

Hi jyankee

I hope it's not a lemon too! Would be the most expensive lemon I had ever boought!

I'm coming over to you right now....

rp said...

maybe he removed it because he considers it "sold" to you...yes, i know, ever the optimist...I love the site from which you copied the bits of advice! How was your lunch date?