Thursday, 28 June 2007

Historical events and bad sleeping patterns

I did not get round to blogging yesterday, which was a shame, as I am poignantly aware what a historical day in history yesterday was - Gordon Brown became the new British Prime Minister. And it was the 40th anniversary of the hole in the wall.
Yes, the first 'hole in the wall' cash machine was unveiled at a Barclay's branch in Enfield, 40 years ago yesterday. And do you know who the first customer was? It was none other than Reg Varney, star of the sitcom 'On The Buses'. If you did not know that already, do you not feel that you have benefited from this fascinating fact?

The day before today was also the day I completed a new fictional story. About time too! Without giving the game away, it's a romantic, sensitive tale regarding forbidden love. It's not my usual writing style, i.e. nobody dies, so it made a refreshing change and stretched my writing 'ability'.
I have a couple of places in mind for this story, and it's all credit to the Freelance Market News.
I was also chuffed to see that there is a coupon on the back of this months newsletter. It's money off a book titled 'Photographer's Market 2007' and inside this book are details on selling photos to stock agencies, advertising companies, greeting cards, art fairs etc.
Now I am fully aware that it's a fierce, competitive world out there, and I am merely an amateur. But I am considering doing a photography course, and certainly it's something that I enjoy and would like to improve on. Not to mention earning an extra buck or two.

Last night I ate at my cousins house. She cooked one of my all time favourites, scrumptious lasagna, with salad and garlicky bread. Dessert was a juicy fresh fruit salad. And I brought another half price bottle of Chardonnay, to be sampled with the meal.
My cousin, bless her, commented on my weight loss. I'm not quite there yet, but it's nice my efforts have been noticed. Although I know only too well that if I knocked the booze on the head (as opposed to knocking it back)I would be half the girl I am. Still, size isn't everything is it?! I enjoy my wine, so I'm not willing to give up the wine AND the over eating, thanks very much.
Had a pleasurable evening with my lovely cous, and her gorgeous, cute, very active kids. She has another one due in November, and they are in the process of moving (literally around the corner to me, hurray) so she has her hands full at present.
Despite being tired and full of food and drink, I could not sleep again while in the comfort of my bed, with my four alarms set for the morning. My mobile seems to have a mind of it's own these days, when it comes to alarms, so I set three to be on the safe side, and borrowed my mothers alarm clock for good measure.
Now, wouldn't it be good if I could fall asleep in my bed as fast as I can fall asleep on a train? Especially on the train journey home from work. For it was only yesterday I ran to an empty seat in a carriage, sat down and opened my book. Right on cue, I fell asleep, and dropped my book on a fellow passengers foot. She was lucky it was a paper back and not a hard back.
Anyway, after willing myself to relax and sleep last night in bed, I couldn't. So I put a CD on which goes by the name of 'good night' by Fridrik Kalsson. It's music to promote deep relaxation and better sleep.
And low and behold, it done the trick. The next thing I knew I had four alarms ringing, reminding me it was time to get up and go to work.

So, a big gold star goes out to whoever can guess what I'll be listening to under the duvet tonight?!

Smile, you're on camera


Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Just ran into your site from TCFIL (which I love, by the way). Nice pics! I too, would love to take a photography class when it is within my monetary reach (yes, paydays are great when you have them, as you noted).

"Hole in the wall"? LOL Is that like a British way of saying ATM? I love it! It's like the money just comes out...the way kids believe it does.

The World According to Me said...

Hi there, from the other side of the pond!

Thanks for looking and posting your nice comments. It's good to know I am not waffling away to myself every day(!)

I have taken a peek at your blog and I am impressed with the stunning pictures and beautiful words.

And yep, the hole in the wall is the ATM. Unfortunately it's not just a random hole, it is linked to your bank account!

Here's to pay days and pictures!

JYankee said...

Gosh, I didn't know THAT was what it meant. Dumb ole' yankee I guess. I've lurked onto your blog a couple times. Photos are indeed lovely. Will be back. If the US is across the "pond" then Japan must be another universe...

The World According to Me said...
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The World According to Me said...

Hello to jyankee, in the other universe! (Sorry, could not resist putting that)

Thanks for posting, and the photo appreciation. Always nice to receive a post from fellow bloggers and friends.

I have now been to your site and have enjoyed reading your blogs and admired your photos. How cute is Aly. I look forward to future updates!