Sunday, 7 November 2021

A celebration of life

"There's something I don't get mummy," said Tommy.
"What's that?" I asked.
"If someone has died, why is everyone so happy?"
Hmm. Valid point, Tommy.
This was when I explained that it was a celebration of life. Also, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a handful of guests were permitted to the funeral. So after many months of mourning Jack, and bans lifted, his family felt it was time to hold a memorial party in his honour. 
Hubby had known Jack for many years. I'd met him on numerous occasions too. He was a true gent, with deep family morals. Therefore, we accepted the invitation, booked a hotel room in the neighbouring village, and paid our respects. 
I won't lie, I was still rather nervous about the virus. When we entered the hall on the day of the party, my first thought was what an incredible turnout, he would have been so proud, followed by, oh dear, all those germs.
I decided to head to the outside area with Tommy. I came prepared with Roblox puzzle books, alien snap and snacks. We set up camp for a while and only entered the hall again when various individuals had filtered out. We looked at the photographs, we read the memories, and we chatted to Jack's wife. 
Tommy particularly loved the strobe lighting. We even had a little dance together.
As Tommy rightly observed, people were happy again, to be together and celebrate his life.
Farwell Jack. It was nice knowing you.
Thank you for being a friend and inspiration to Mark, and so many others.  

Friday, 5 November 2021

Sun’s out, fun’s out!

"Sun's out, fun's out!"
This was most definitely the catchphrase from summer 2021. Even if the sun was poking out a tiny, teeny part, from the gloomy grey clouds above. Which was absolutely the majority of the weather forecast from the summer of 2021. 
And let's not forget the very important matter of Tommy's last day as an infant, before the summer hols began. My baby is growing up!
Although he will always be my baby, a fact I constantly remind him of.

Tommy's first day at reception, compared to his last day as an infant. What a difference three years makes. He looks a lot happier in the last one, doesn't he. 

When we went to the splash park with his cousins. Followed by the pirate play park and walk along the river.  

Back to my favourite country park, with picnic and football and playground. 

Not forgetting the annual summer fete at ours, even though it rained we managed to escape the house at intervals. Can you spot the tattoos on their foreheads? 


The rain stained sign says it all really! 

Other days we played crazy golf at a local area, and games in our garden.

Then we saw his first ever friend, George from nursery. We had a lovely day, I set the garden up with giant connect four, magnetic darts, skittles etc, followed by lunch and a visit to the dessert cafe on the high street, with an animal hunt thrown in and a trip to the local park. 

When I booked the day off and we went to my fav tearoom on the high street, played alien snap, ordered our fav food and then went to the best book shop ever - feeling very grateful that we live so close to the town centre and all shops and restaurants are now open. Also love the fact Tommy shares my enthusiasm with books, and decor. 

It's the little moments which make the biggest memories, wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, 22 August 2021

She fell down a rabbit hole

She fell down a rabbit hole.
Unfortunately not quite Alice in Wonderland style, to another land with talking animals, and cakes and potions which made you very small or exceedingly tall. No I'm afraid it wasn't as exciting as all that. 
She fell down a rabbit hole and screamed in pain. So loud in actual fact, that a stranger left his house to enquire about the commotion. Note, it was a stranger in human form, not a rabbit in a waistcoat with a pocket watch. 
She did not see a floating cat face with an incredulous smile, but instead a curt nurse with a busy schedule, the type that doesn't have time for a scan but does instruct a cast and crutches. Oh boy, anyone who has ever used crutches will know they are not the easiest or most comfortable things. 
With the family holiday to Cornwall looming, she made eager plans for the cast to be replaced with a boot, mindful of the steep hills and ventures to the seaside. 
Yes poor Auntie Katy fell down a rabbit hole, but she still managed to enjoy the vacation to St Ives. As we all did in the summer of  '21. 




Monday, 2 August 2021

When Zippy came to stay

Meet Zippy. He used to be a soft toy but now he is a laminated picture. Oh Covid, you've done it again haven't you, you've changed our lives. When Tommy was at nursery, Paddington came to stay, and he was actually Paddington, not a picture of. But that was BC (before Covid). 
So, Zippy can now be wiped clean, after visiting each child's house. During the 2021 Father's Day weekend it was his turn to stay with us. I was glad it was Father's Day weekend as it meant we could do/celebrate something. Life has been fairly quiet recently, due to restrictions and germs. Ar yes and it was also the weekend England played Germany in the Euro championships, and beat them, I hasten to add. It was a good weekend. 
Allow me to entertain you, dear readers, and tell you all about Zippy's stay. 

It began on the Friday. As a result of Tommy awarded star of the week, his teacher passed on the Zippy picture and diary. Here he is! Next to the England bunting and the football commentary, with Tommy in his football kit. 

On the Saturday I invited my parents to our house for afternoon tea. This was my Fathers Day treat to my dad. As you can see, I was in my element, dressing the table, and decorating cakes with edible flowers. On the Sunday we took my father-in-law to a Thai restaurant. The food was delicious and Tommy had great fun writing secret messages with magic pens.
Hope you enjoyed your stay, Zippy. I've flash wiped you for your next adventure.